Morning Will Come..

I keep waiting.. I keep waiting for morning to come. Maybe it’ll be easier Maybe this pitch black world will be a few shades brighter It has been a shocking year. Each day even more shocking than the last.. I can’t seem to catch my breath, you see; it’s been one tragedy after another. It’s … Continue reading Morning Will Come..

The Kiss..

Anticipation, the anticipation of a kiss is always the best part. I’ve read way too many romance novels and maybe I did have unrealistic expectations but I was so sure, so optimistic that with you there would be fireworks. So this pent up longing built and built and like a dam I thought I would … Continue reading The Kiss..


Sometimes. Sometimes I want to huff and puff and tear you down too. Sometimes I want to stand on the rooftops and yell to the world about this injustice. Sometimes I want to ask you; how dare you? How dare you do this to me, me??? Sometimes I want you to suffer like I have, … Continue reading Sometimes..

Some Days..

Some days I’m jaded, Exhausted and utterly faded. Other days I’m happy and bright and shiny, Ready to take on the world. Some days are for long walks and loud music, Others for laying on the floor with Ed Sheeran In my ears and in my heart.. Some days I fear it’ll run out, That … Continue reading Some Days..