This Is Me…


This is me.

This is the part where I say goodbye to everything that has held me bound.

This is me breaking up with depression, anxiety and stress.

 This is me kicking all these meaningless situationships that are neither here nor there to the curb.

This is me reclaiming my time, my joy, my pride, my smile.

This is me screaming: out with the old, in with the new.

This is me accepting my portion of the blame and moving on…

This is me telling myself the truth: this bottle of coke might kill me if I don’t quit.

This is me attracting and accepting the love I deserve.

This is me loving myself with my heart and not with my mouth.

This is me learning to say NO and sticking with it, no explanations.

This is me remembering to put coconut oil on my scalp.

This is me drinking a lot of water and minding my business.

This is me loving fiercely, giving completely and expecting nothing in return.

This is me saying I forgive you and meaning it.

This is me accepting my flaws and coming to terms with my numerous imperfections.

This is me rocking tank tops and shorts with pride cos hey! I am not the only one with stretch marks and flabby arms.

This is me speaking up for those who cannot speak up for themselves.

The upgrade is complete, this is the new me.

 -Adaugo 2018








Why is it so easy to make new friends but so hard to keep them?

Why do we always want the things we know we cannot have?

Why, oh! Why do all the wrong things feel just right sometimes?

Why does one drink turn to five?

Why do we hurt the people we say we love?

Why is easier to lie than to tell the truth?

Why be a coward when you know you can be brave?

Why do we bemoan our situations but seldom change them?

Why do we talk about people rather than help them?

Why is it easy to accentuate people and their flaws but hide ours?

Why do we never admit to being insecure?

Why do we love and act like we don’t?

Why? why? why???

Do you wonder like I do? If you know why, I would love to know…

-Adaugo 2017

Dear Late Bloomer…



Dear late bloomer,

Other flowers might seem pretty and charming and quick to bloom…

Their leaves dazzling to the eyes, their scents delightful to smell,

People pass over you to pick their shiny petals,

And gift them to each other as a symbol of love and hope…

But in the midst of the shinny and bright, the colorful and dainty,

There lies you. Sturdy and a little hidden, tendrils barely reaching out.

Never given a second thought, never picked or fawned over.

Often bent in order to reach the lovelier ones,

But fret not late bloomer, fret not..

For the Master knows just what He’s doing.

Be patient and allow yourself to grow, to be pruned, to flourish…

Because in due time, Just when the time is right,

You will bloom!

And Oh! You will be shinier and more colorful than any flower that ever was and ever will be.

And because God took His time with you, those that skipped you will flee back…

Lines will form just for you, for your beauty and resilience will be echoed around the world.

So Dear late bloomer,

Fret not…grow and bloom at your own pace,

‘Cos soon, you will be the belle of the ball.

And I know this because I am just like you…

 -Adaugo 2016



Jejelaiye…live life easily, slow and steady or something close to it…

So there was this street named Jejelaiye, in the beloved place of my childhood,

 A very quiet street, very slow paced…everyone seemed to walk slowly there,

And if I close my eyes I can see that even the cars and motorcycles drove slowly by..

Life was easy, life was slow, and life was calm on Jejelaiye Street.

Houses were far apart, one School, one Church and one risqué business down the road…

I walked that road many times, to take my dad’s clothes to Uncle Ruffy.

Uncle Ruffy was my dad’s drycleaner and I never knew a man that smiled as much as he did…

I’d sit there for hours, just watching him scurry around, trying to do ten tasks at once.

Always whistling a merry tune, always smiling, always happy.

I met someone very dear to me on that street, but that’s a whole other story.

In my fast paced life today, thousands of miles away, I wish…

I wish I could take a million steps back to when life was easy and calm…

I wish I was that young girl with wide eyes, who knew no pain or hurt yet..

If I had three wishes;  I wish, I wish, I wish that I could live carefree like that again,

Slow and easy…Jejelaiye.



Dear Mr. Indecisive…


Dear Mr. Indecisive,

Time’s a wastin

What is it that you want?  You remind me of the weather, steady changing

Never sure, never true, neither here nor there…

You’re in love on Monday, you wanna see where things are headed on Tuesday ,

By Wednesday we’re best friends? Sigh…

Maybe you’ll change, maybe someday soon your mind will be made up,

But what if it isn’t? What if you really don’t know what you want?

But If we give honesty a chance, we will see the glaring truth,

Because my dear Mr. Indecisive, your indecision is a decision in its own.

Maybe you’re so unsure because you already know,

But if by some stroke of luck you’re not,

Let me help you out.

I am not an option, neither am I a car at an auction, or a choice at a Chinese buffet,

I’m a person with a timeline, a purpose and not a lot of time for guessing games.

I hope I’ve been of help today,

Because I have made a decision for you and removed myself from the situation.

So goodbye Mr. Indecisive,

Find yourself if you will, then come find me,

Because chasing me when you’re not ready to catch me has ceased to be an option.

 –Adaugo, 2016





Pieces Of Me…


I forgot my shoes

In the same place I lost myself

I looked and looked, but the shoe really was gone and so was I

How I got this far, I know not

How I gave it all, is quite unclear

But piece by piece I gave myself away

‘Till I looked up today and found that I gave it all

What have I done? Who have I become?

Most importantly, where am I?

One thing is clear, this is not me

This is not where I set out to be

It certainly is not where I belong

And so flee I must, before I’m sucked back into this vortex

So I ran and I ran and I didn’t look back

And just when I thought I had outrun my tears and pain

I looked down and alas! I forgot my shoes

Sigh… Twas  a really nice pair.