These Tears

These tears, these tears These tears, they won’t fall These tears, they hurt so bad Why? Why me? Why now? I wish you’d fall Fall, so I can be free It hurts, it hurts Deep breaths, deep breaths God sees me, God knows Sigh So I’ll try again Deep breaths, deep breaths Is that.. is … Continue reading These Tears

Morning Will Come..

I keep waiting.. I keep waiting for morning to come. Maybe it’ll be easier Maybe this pitch black world will be a few shades brighter It has been a shocking year. Each day even more shocking than the last.. I can’t seem to catch my breath, you see; it’s been one tragedy after another. It’s … Continue reading Morning Will Come..

The Kiss..

Anticipation, the anticipation of a kiss is always the best part. I’ve read way too many romance novels and maybe I did have unrealistic expectations but I was so sure, so optimistic that with you there would be fireworks. So this pent up longing built and built and like a dam I thought I would … Continue reading The Kiss..


Sometimes. Sometimes I want to huff and puff and tear you down too. Sometimes I want to stand on the rooftops and yell to the world about this injustice. Sometimes I want to ask you; how dare you? How dare you do this to me, me??? Sometimes I want you to suffer like I have, … Continue reading Sometimes..