Jesus’ 3D Glasses

Hey Guys!
So my brother started his blog! You can imagine my joy and pride
Reading his thoughts and relating so completely with them.
Please show him some love, read, and share with your loved ones,
Especially the teenagers in your life. Trust me, it’s worth reading.
Not just because he’s my sibling but because he has some brilliant things to say.


Ever wondered why celebrities who seemingly have the world at their feet and have a lot going for them come out and say things like they are suffering from depression or having suicidal thoughts? The world can say it is an illness or a disorder or whatnot, However, I know for a fact that the root cause of depression is self-occupation. In order words, because we are always with ourselves we know all about our faults, wounds, emotional fragility and weaknesses. Therefore even though others might think we are living our best lives deep down we don’t believe that.

You are altogether beautiful my beloved there is no flaw in you! – Song of Solomon 4:7

Ever taken a selfie and asked for someone’s opinion of how you look in the picture before posting it on the Gram? I am sure we all have friends that know how to spot…

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