Get To Know Me, Again!…


Hi guys! I know, I know. If you had a dollar for every time I disappeared and reappeared, you’d all be fairly rich!!! It’s been an intense couple of months, but I thought I would stay still long enough to gather my thoughts and put them down. Having said that, please, pretty please, love me again…*insert fluttering lashes*


So I know I have done a random facts about me post before, but that feels like a life time ago and a lot has changed since then. I am still me, but with a few new quirks, a few grey hairs *wailing copiously* and new favorite things. Here goes: recently, I have found myself making new friends. The old me didn’t care much, I might see someone on social media or in real life that I like but I would be thoroughly unbothered to try to get to know them, but these days I just go for it and I must say I have met some truly amazing human beings and I love it! My love for makeup has resurrected from the dead. Yup! You read that right. I used to loooove makeup before, always obsessing over my brows and my lips and all that but somewhere in my mid twenties I just stopped. At first I was going through a breakup, so heartbroken and did not care if my brows aligned or that my lips were chapped. Then I got better and got over it but I never really got back into the art of makeup again, I mean I would barely draw my brows, slap on eyeliner and sheer lip gloss and call it a day! Things like foundation and concealer were as foreign to my brain as further maths and I never knew if there was any going back but then, boom! I woke up one morning and took a hard look at my face and said nope! This crap has got to stop and so I went on youtube and also took notes from my good friend who is a makeup artist and voila! The girl is back. These days, I actually sit down to conceal my brows and contour my face, who would have thought? Yup! You guessed it, Adaugo got her groove back!!!


In case you forgot what I look like...

I am still obsessed with novels, but guys guess what? My love for Danielle Steele has greatly dwindled. Somewhere along the way her books just got too serious and I found myself gravitating back to Nora Roberts and back to happy, bright and shiny and romantic books. I recently discovered Sophie Kinsella and I am blown away by her.


Still love perfumes (that will never change) still love jewellery and red nail polish, I am still a badass cook; my cooking skills are getting better and better(my brothers will testify!) still obsessed with TV series but I must admit that I am completely, irrevocably over Grey’s Anatomy! I know I was the number one fan of the show but come on! All my cherished characters are dead and I just quit. My current number one is This Is Us. Gosh! I cry every episode and I love it. It is just so beautifully written and really, there is no flaw.


photo credit: Google

I am still in love with Game of Thrones(I might need therapy cos it’s the last season) and all the usual suspects. Still obsessed with frozen grapes (although Lagos and erratic power supply won’t allow me to be great) still winning the daily battle with depression and anxiety and allowing the peace of God to reign in my heart and calm my soul and for the grand finale….*drum roll* I have a nephew!!! On the 16th of February, my sister gave me a bouncing baby boy and I am completely and utterly awestruck and in love.


meet my yummy nephew: Baby Philip

There you have it my people. Hope I haven’t changed too much?

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself…”– Andy Warhol

Bloggers Recognition Award/Give Away!..


Hi Guys,

Yet another thing to be thankful for! I know that I am a little behind on accepting this nomination,but I am so so happy to be writing this post today! Many thanks to my new friend Nancy for nominating me, it means a lot to me and I am grateful. OK let’s do this!

Award Rules: Write a post to show your award √

Acknowledge the blogger that nominated you: Thanks Nancy! (link to her blog above) √

Give a brief story about how you started blogging: I have always loved writing but for a number of reasons I was wary of starting my own blog, I was practically bullied into starting it. You can read more about that journey here: once upon a blog

Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers:

  1. Be sure you really want to blog, because it’s a lot of work and consistency is key. Once you start and you develop an audience it is very important to be consistent with your blogging, keep the fire burning. Literally.
  2. Leave it all on the post, when you write from your heart you will be shocked by how much it will resonate with people, you’ll meet like minded readers and make friends. It’s an awesome feeling!

Nominate 15 deserving bloggers: This is the fun part!

  1. My darling  Mfon DainyM (even though she has a ton of awards!)
  2. Achalugo
  3. Tooki
  4. Gorgeousbskin
  5. Themumzone
  6. Kennedy Simplyforgotten
  7. Judith deveinme
  8. Sisiakowe
  9. Munachi
  10. Mybecomingdiaryblog
  11. D’dream
  12. Yourbeautypalette
  13. Crystalwalls
  14. Luis
  15. Maryann

I hope you all have fun writing yours as well. *group hug*



This is my very first give away and I am super excited. So because my post about getting a letter from my beloved Danielle Steel here was very well received by you guys, it got me feeling generous and I thought I would share the pleasure of reading with my darling followers. so you guys already know I have A LOT of her novels and I am willing to give away ten of them and here’s how it’ll work.

  • You have to be in Lagos to be able to participate
  • You have to be a subscriber to my blog
  • You have to be willing to find time to go pick up the book yourself
  • You have to leave a comment or send me an email; telling me why you want one or more of the novels

And that’s it! when I compile the names I get, I will contact you personally and let you know how to go get it.

Peace & Love



Oh Danielle!…


I think my obsession with Danielle Steel’s books is a universally known fact. Been reading her books for over ten years now and I own a lot, seventy to be precise. There’s just something about her books that makes me happy. Danielle doesn’t write the typical boy meets girl, boy falls in love with  girl and they live happily ever after, no. With her, its girl meets boy, boy falls in love with girl. Girl dies! Or they get a divorce, or there’s an accident and boy goes blind, I could go on and on. I know it sounds a little sad but it’s not, and I think that’s life because plans fall apart, things change, people fall out of  love, accidents happen. Nobody really lives in a bubble filled with rainbows and unicorns or happily everafters. Life happens and it pokes a hole in the bubbles we so naively build around ourselves.


So out of the blues one day I sent her an email and I forgot about it. I never imagined she would reply me, much less send me an autographed picture and a letter. Oh you already know I lost my mind screaming and dancing like a drunken fellow. I was so happy and of course I put them up on my wall. So I thought I would share, and that’s really what this post is about. *covering my face* I’m finding joy in all the little things, we all should…

Peace & Love