A Close Call..

..She packed her bags hurriedly as if her life depended on it and well, it did. Some of her things fell to the floor but she could care less. Her left eye was swollen shut, an angry red bruise was darkening on her arm, her chest and ribs were throbbing in agony and she was … Continue reading A Close Call..


The long awaited final part… please see part one here and part 2 here …Titi was a nervous wreck. It was amazing to her how no one saw or felt the turmoil she was battling inside. Chudi was so supportive and loving and so eager to start his life with her that he just assumed that … Continue reading I Do? III

Dear Mr. Indecisive…

  Dear Mr. Indecisive, Time’s a wastin What is it that you want?  You remind me of the weather, steady changing Never sure, never true, neither here nor there… You’re in love on Monday, you wanna see where things are headed on Tuesday , By Wednesday we’re best friends? Sigh… Maybe you’ll change, maybe someday … Continue reading Dear Mr. Indecisive…

I Do? Part II

  To refresh your memory, please see part 1 here. I know it’s been a long time coming, but please enjoy! Chidi looked into her eyes as the whole congregation waited with bated breath for her to respond, he was searching for a clue. He raised his left brow and tilted his head to the … Continue reading I Do? Part II

I Do?

Today, I decided to take a stab at fiction. Enjoy! The big day had finally arrived. After months and months of planning and stressing out, her wedding day was finally here. Titi could barely sleep the night before her wedding, she was on an emotional roller coaster and her stomach was so uneasy. She tried … Continue reading I Do?