Uprofessional Acronyms

I wrote TOEFL two years ago, when I got the essay part of the examination, I was excited because the topics were fun and my fingers flew on the keyboard. When I was done typing however, I glanced through my work thinking I would have little or no corrections to make only for me to find out that while my essay was well written, It was peppered with a series of unprofessional acronyms such as: “d” instead of the, “4” instead of for, “y” instead of why, and a host of others. I was appalled and I had to start editing with the speed of light because I was running out of time.

This is one of the side effects that Instant Messaging has on our generation and it has become quite worrisome. Sentences diminish in meaning everyday. sorry has become “sowie”, cousin has become “cuz”, pretty has become “pweety” and It goes on an on. I have come across a couple of resumes that have grave grammatical errors and I often wonder what on earth they were thinking. There is a blurred line between Instant Messaging and real life and is risky to be caught on the other side of the line.

Its funny to note that when It comes to the world of instant messaging, there is an acronym for almost everything, here are the few that comes to mind:

HBD- Happy birthday

WULLNP- Wishing you long life and prosperity

LOL- Laughing out loud

HML- Happy married life

HWA- Happy wedding anniversary

HNM- Happy new month

IJN- IN Jesus’ name

People underestimate the importance of a sound vocabulary. More attention is being paid to matching shoes,bags and pocket squares than to the quality of written words. A wrong vocabulary creates a wrong impression and it is almost impossible to reverse it.

We are losing our common vocabulary, built over thousands of years to help and delight and instruct us, for the sake of what we take to be the new technology’s virtues. ”
Alberto Manguel, The Library at Night

Enjoy your week!

The Dearth Of Libraries In Our Time.

I might be wrong, but I do not know the last time I saw a Library that isn’t located in a school premises anA-typical-school-library-360x269-300x224ywhere around town. For some reason, the only one I used to know is now closed down. Its a church now I think. I was talking to my neighbour’s teenage daughter some days ago and I asked her how she spent her long vacation. Oh! well I went to the cinema a lot, a few parties and I just hung out with my friends mostly she said. I smiled and continued on my way but inside of me I was a little sad. Maybe because I love to read, or because  I was always fascinated when my aunts told me tales of how they spent a valuable chunk of their time at the local Library during their vacation in their days, but I was sad because most of the teens in our time can’t be bothered to read a book except when they have homework and even then Google is the next best thing.

The Internet has taken over and little by little books are being eclipsed. When I was a teenager, Google was a myth. Cyber cafes were few and the computers were an enigma so when I had homework, I headed straight to the Library and pored over the textbooks till I found all that I was looking for. 

I can safely say that there isn’t a single Library in the area where I reside today! Not one, but there are clubs, and bars and numerous cyber cafes and it is quite sad because young people today are being deprived of the joy of reading actual books. Call me old fashioned but I absolutely cannot stand e-books, as a matter of fact, I love the smell of books, the older the better. Teenagers these days seem clueless, they are so involved in their social media bubbles that they have no clue what is going on around the world.

I would love to see a Library built in my neighbourhood, and many more built across the country.