How To Get Over Your Ex!…

Breakups are  never easy, especially when you were really in love and had grand plans for the future, but like death, rain and taxes, breakups are always bound to happen and will literally break you like the name implies and the question now becomes how to rebuild yourself.

I thought about this post long and hard because being vulnerable is not an easy thing for me and especially in this era where everyone has an opinion about things they have no business having opinions about, it’s really hard to be open and honest but for the love of writing and for my readers who are dear to my heart, I decided to share.


I do a lot of thinking, like I literally sit on my bathroom floor or on the bus or in my closet or anywhere really and just lapse into deep thought, OK not that deep but still I think a lot and even more lately. So another year has come and gone, another new year, vals day, Easter, birthday, summer, fall, and now it’s almost winter and Christmas is around the corner and I am still single, wow. How did that happen? How did a whole year go by without anyone seeing me? Loose some weight, go out more often, do fun stuff, be open minded they said; done, done and done (well, except for the weight) but alas here we are. So I got to thinking, and thinking and thinking. What am I doing wrong? I am not the world’s biggest girl, I’m beautiful and smart, LOL it’s not by degrees right? But seriously what is it? Then a light bulb went off, maybe I wasn’t over my ex…

What??? It’s been a couple of years and I sincerely thought that I was, but it took one sentence from my friend to jolt me into the realization. So my friend and I were chatting the other day and the subject came up and he said to me: You cannot be loved because you won’t let anyone love you. I was floored by this statement and so damn mad, I was just about to lose my cool but the voice of reason kicked in and I allowed him to explain himself and when he was done, boy! The truth is always bitter, nobody likes hearing the truth but I got over myself and really listened to what he had to say and just maybe he was right…maybe I cannot be loved in this state that I’m in mentally, because I am still kind of angry about how it all ended and I have been walking around carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders, unconsciously holding on to the fact that just maybe he would come back to me and we would make it work again, I could go on and on but in my thinking it was clear to me that there is only one way to get over your ex and it is this: get over yourself, and then get over him or her, in that order.


both pics were taken on the same day(when I still had hair lol), on the right I had just cried my eyes out and wallowed in self pity quite a bit and on the left, I fixed my face, went out with some friends and blossomed in their company and in several glasses of wine soooo, it’s up to you to cheer yourself on, don’t fail yourself!

You made mistakes, so what? You wasted your precious time loving someone and then they broke your hearts and stomped all over it? What’s done is really done. No amount of reminiscing or moping around or listening to love songs will change any of the events that has already transpired, so all you can literally do is get over it!

  • Accept your portion of the blame for whatever it is that might have happened, forgive yourself and look inward to see how you can do better next time.
  • STOP stalking them on social media; not everything they post is about you, they just might have moved on and it’s time to follow suit.
  • Forgive them and let them go, because the longer you hold on to unforgiveness and bitterness and anger, guess who you’re hurting? You!
  • Fall in love with yourself, rediscover just how awesome you are, take care of you and become an even more amazing version of yourself.
  • Disband the pity party, for a night of wallowing, I prescribe three nights of going out! sitting around moping will change nothing!
  • A rebound relationship is the most stupid thing you will ever do. You don’t need to get under someone to get over your ex, I don’t even know why that quote is allowed to be a quote. Rebounds never solve anything, they are just another mistake on top your pile of mistakes.

So its time for me to take a deep breath and let go of all the sentiments, the what ifs and the reminiscing about the fun times and to just get on with my life, open minded and ready to dip my toes into the water again. Will it be easy? No matter of fact it is downright painful and especially in the world we live in today where everyone else seems to be deliriously in love and happy and living in Lala land and you’re just there. But it will be worth in the end, it has to be. How to get over your ex? Get over him or her, that’s how!

Like we always do, let’s talk about this; how have you gotten over break ups? I want to learn a thing or two or more from you guys…

“Sometimes it takes a heartbreak to shake us awake & help us see we are worth so much more than we’re settling for.”― Mandy Hale

Grow old with me…


I have always been a romantic I think. All my life, as far back as I can remember I have been slightly obsessed with the notion of love. My sister and I had countless “wedding” ceremonies with our white bed sheets as my gown and veil, and of course my dolls were my babies and I would religiously bathe and feed them without fail. Any way, my point is that I have always loved love, the whole idea of it. I had a great aunt and uncle, they’ve both gone to be with the Lord now but when they were alive, boy! Their love was lit.  My Uncle was in his late nineties and his wife was in her late eighties. He was blind and she was hard of hearing but they were still so in love it was so beautiful to watch.


One of the many highlights of my annual trip to the village was going to their house to just sit and bask in their love. Now, my aunt was a terrible cook, it was so hard to eat her meals with a straight face (if my mum or my sister reads this they’ll laugh so hard!) but yeah her food was bad. Despite the taste, you should have seen my uncle eating this food. He would eat everything and lavish praises on her telling her she was the best cook in the land, and even though he would have one of my cousins give him something else to eat later, he always ate her meals and praised her so loudly. I saw her sit on his legs countless times and though they were practically toothless, they still kissed so passionately. Eventually my uncle passed away at the ripe old age of 102 and he would tell all of us who cared to listen that the secret to his long life was God and his good wife. My aunt was so depressed after he died, she wouldn’t talk to anyone but him. She would go to his grave and sit there all day, under the sun and in the rain and tell him all about her day and only left his gave side when it was time for her to sleep. None of us were surprised when she followed him a few months later, peacefully in her sleep.

I hadn’t thought of my aunt and uncle in years until this evening when I saw this old couple on the bus. I couldn’t make out what they were saying but it was so clear that they were having a funny discussion because they kept laughing and when the old lady started crying from laughing too much, her husband used the tip of his tie to dab slowly at her eyes. She looked up at him and kissed him and my heart just melted, sigh… I couldn’t help myself so I asked them how long they’ve been married and the old lady smiled at me and said; fifty years today…

I thought about them as I walked back home, fifty years, wow! Goals, certainly. They didn’t live their lives on social media and post every little detail and gesture. They didn’t text instead of talking or post cryptic messages instead of admitting their true feelings, they did things the old school way and that’s the way I think it was always meant to be.

So Dear Future Husband, if you’re reading this: (yes, I realize how cheesy I sound) and I hope that you might be, let’s do our love the old school way, how I think things were always meant to be. Let’s laugh until we are old and toothless and embarrass our grand children with our public displays of affection, grow old with me…

In my life I have found two things of priceless worth – learning and loving. Nothing else – not fame, not power, not achievement for its own sake – can possible have the same lasting value. For when your life is over, if you can say ‘I have learned’ and ‘I have loved,’ you will also be able to say ‘I have been happy.” – Arthur C. Clarke


All The Things We Think Love Is, and All The Things Love Isn’t…


Right now, love has to be the most misused and misconstrued word that there is. It’s almost as if the entire world is fighting so hard to define what love should be, and to conceal what it actually is. Everybody has their own definition of the greatest word of all, and unfortunately it has nothing to do with what love actually is. For me, there is only one definition of love and it can be found in 1st Corinthians 13, vs: 4-8:

                ” 4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.”

So I started watching Scandal all over again because for some weird reason this ongoing electoral process in the States made me want to watch the early seasons again.As I was watching, I got to a scene where senator Edison, who was hopelessly in love with Olivia Pope at the time was trying to get her to love him back and think about marrying him but she wouldn’t budge. He got frustrated and asked her why and she told him that she could not love him back because loving him was easy, and that she didn’t want easy. She wanted hard, painful, difficult and complicated, she basically told him that she wanted a love that would rip her to shreds from the pain it brought and when she was done talking, the senator looked at her and said: Love is nothing like what you have just described Olivia, love shouldn’t be painful or difficult or heart breaking, if it’s all that to you then that isn’t love. Love is beautiful Olivia and it’s a shame you don’t see it.


I have probably watched that scene like ten times; in fact, I only stopped watching it so I could write this. I kept rewinding it because that was such a profound statement. I know that Scandal is just a TV show but man! Isn’t that the truth? I love you  means less and less every day. What has love become? In fact these days, the people who literally hate you are the ones who “love” you the most. The friends slandering your name will text you and say: “hey love!” the woman enduring physical, mental and verbal abuse from her husband and the father of her children is standing in harm’s way because maybe she thinks that’s his own way of showing her that he “loves” her. The married man who is simultaneously cheating on his wife and stringing his mistress along happens to be in “love ” with all the women in his life. The guy who has no intention of marrying the girl he’s with and sees no future with her will keep telling her that he “loves” her, because it shuts up her questions and keeps her sprung.


If your love doesn’t hold up to the standards in first Corinthians then maybe you should look again. If he loves you, he will honor your body until he marries you because contrary to popular belief you can both do without sex. If he loves you, he will not cheat, or lie or beat you or harm your kids. If she loves you she will respect you, and take care of you and be the help meet that God made her to be, not give you lip and question your authority as the man of the home. If your friends love you, they will correct you when you are wrong rather than gossip about you, they will cover you in prayers and hold you up when you fall because love is patient and kind and it covers a multitude of sins. They will celebrate with you when you succeed rather than scowl in a corner and envy you because love does not envy. They will forgive you easily because love is not easily angered and keeps no record of wrong doings.

Love is a word that should not be misused. It’s too sacred, too deep to be carelessly tossed around the way it is these days. Love never fails. The bible was very clear on that so if it keeps failing you and beating you up and hurting you and making you cry every single time, then no, it is not love it is a poor imitation. Perfect love casts out fear, so if you have to compromise to keep him or her in your life, if you are always afraid they will walk away, then that isn’t love because the one thing that love is not is unsure. Love is always sure. Love is humble, there is not a trace of pride in it. So if your love is tainted with pride, well you already know what the answer is…

The true definition of love might seem lofty, difficult even especially in this world we live in today, but when you get it just right, when you love like you are supposed to, it makes all the difference in the world. So here’s to love, to real love, to not settling, and to loving exactly the way God taught us to. Here’s to loving ourselves, our spouses, our friends, our neighbors and even our enemies, yes even our enemies. Nobody said it was going to be easy.

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”Martin Luther King, Jr.

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”Jesus Christ

When you say I love you, mean it!” Adaugo




Miracles from Heaven. This movie has changed my life immensely. It was quite an emotional movie and I wept while I watched, but at the end of the movie, I felt a peace and joy that I haven’t felt in a while and a reassurance that God is still in the business of performing miracles, we just have to position ourselves to receive them. I highly recommend that you all watch it, it is an awe inspiring movie. So today, I would like to share with you guys a miracle that God gave to me in 2013.

As at March 2013, I didn’t have a job and I was MISERABLE! I was so depressed and I hated myself. I went for countless interviews; in areas of Lagos that I didn’t even know existed. It was an exhausting cycle of rejection emails. Each time I got my hopes up and each time they came crashing down. I stopped praying and just went about my life sad and beaten down. All that however changed on a Sunday night. I remember vividly not wanting to go for that service because I had already gone to Church in the morning and I couldn’t be bothered to go twice, but my mother made me, so I reluctantly went to the room to look for a scarf to cover my untidy hair and follow her (I was too broke to even make my hair)


We were a little late so the worship session was already underway and I just sat quietly at the back and put my head down but somewhere during the worship, I started humming along and before I knew it I was overwhelmed by the love and presence of God and I was singing at the top of my lungs, completely oblivious to my surroundings. After the worship came the word and it felt as though God had told my pastor everything I was dealing with, I remember my mum looking back one time to see if I was hearing what she was hearing. And then it was time to pray and I did something I had never done before. I walked to the altar and lay on the ground and told God all my frustrations and that I wanted a job asap. I didn’t even care who was watching or that my clothes were stained. All I cared about was emptying my heart at my saviour’s feet. The service ended and we went home.


We had just walked into the house when my phone rang and a very well spoken lady asked if she was speaking to Amara and when I confirmed it was me, she started to apologise profusely for not calling me earlier and that I had an interview scheduled for the next day which was Monday. I was rendered speechless and just a little confused because I had no clue who she was, how she got my number and what company she was talking about, she told me to look out for an email with details and that she’d see me tomorrow. I was dazed to say the least, I ran to my mum’s room screaming and dancing and my sister and I figured out what I was going to wear the next day.

I was so clueless about the company and the interview I was going to, so clueless that I had to read about them on the bus ride to the island. I got there and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The environment was so serene and I got such a warm reception. The two ladies that interviewed me were so friendly and awesome and it just felt like we were three old friends catching up with each other. To cut this long story short, it all played out like a dream. I went for a follow up interview with the CEO and in a matter of days the job was mine. It was so surreal, but God didn’t end there. Two days after I resumed I went on an official trip where I met a governor for the first time in my life! And I was paid enough money for that trip that I was able to buy myself a new blackberry. Till date, the ladies who interviewed me who by the way are now two of my closest friends refused to tell me how they got my resume. I NEVER applied for that job, I didn’t even know about the company till I got there, but somehow they got my resume and hired me out of the ten more qualified applicants!

God orchestrated my working for that company perfectly. The first time I went to America, they sent me there all expenses paid. It was like a movie to me, I found myself at the white house taking pictures and it dawned on me how far God had brought me. I live in America today and I would never have been able to do my masters here and stay if I hadn’t gone on that first trip to Washington DC. You see how one miracle sprouted many more? It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

I am sharing this story because I have been going through some difficult times and I completely focused on all that was going wrong and I forgot about the God that brought me here, against all odds in the first place. Don’t let the devil rob you of the greatness that God has for you; don’t limit God and His infinite power. Miracles still happen, and if they happened for me they will definitely happen for you. By the way I have a brand new miracle! I’ll share it soon, watch this space.

Knowing there’s one thing I still haven’t told you: I now believe, by the way, that miracles can happen. ”― Nicholas Sparks, A Walk to Remember

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”Albert Einstein

Once Upon A Blog…


For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to write. When I was a little girl it was my greatest joy to help my mum write her grocery lists every Friday evening. I had a chalk board at the backyard and I wrote on it every day after school, without fail. I fancied myself a teacher and my helpless baby sister, some fowls and lizards were my adoring students. The older I grew, the stronger my desire to write, so I wrote a novel (if you can call it a novel) when I was barely nine years old. The title of the book was: “The Girl who Refused To Go On Errands”. For the life of me I don’t know why I picked that title. I remember sitting at my dad’s table, writing away. Making sure I correct every spelling error, checking that my punctuation was correct. I skipped meals and playtime because I wanted to finish my book.


Yours truly @ 5 probably rushing out to go write, who knows?

My aunt was so impressed, she was my editor and of course I dedicated the book to her. I miss my aunt terribly, I love her so much and her death fourteen years ago hasn’t changed the love I have for her because she was the most important person in my life, but that’s a story for another day. Back to my book, so my aunt took my finished book to a typesetter,(I don’t think we had computers then) and my book was typed up and spiral bound! No words can describe the joy my little heart  felt seeing my book in actual black ink. I was already thinking about publishing it and my aunt and I would spend hours talking about a better title, colours and designs. Then she died and my book died with her, because I couldn’t bear to finish the book without her.

My love for writing has stayed with me all my life, I don’t think it’s something you outgrow. I have read over five hundred novels or more, I am pretty sure it’s more, so I always wanted to write one of my own. When I turned 25, I started to write one, but I couldn’t find my voice in it. I felt like all the novels I have ever read were juxtaposed into the one I was trying hard to write. I couldn’t decide on a title, couldn’t figure out a genre, and so I just stopped. The skeleton of that book is somewhere on my laptop though. I visit it from time to time just because.


Then came the blog. A lot of my friends kept telling me: you have so many funny stories, so many things to share, put them down, start a blog! But I refused. I was so daunted by the fact that it would be too much work, or I wouldn’t know what to write or nobody would read it or if they manage to read, enjoy it.  I was so focused on what would go wrong and I was adamant that I would never have a blog, I would settle for writing in my journals. That didn’t banish the need to write though. Way before I started this blog in September 2014, I had several posts on my laptop, just waiting patiently. I would dream them, write them, edit them and then leave them.

Then came the Dday. My friend at work, Joshua woke up one morning and decided that he was going to make sure I start my blog. He created my wordpress account, signed me up and he just walked so casually to my desk at work and said: hey, what’s the name of your blog going to be? I looked up at him and blurted out Adaugo’s dairy because well, my middle name is Adaugo and I have had diaries all my life. And before the end of the day, I had a blog, a domain name and a theme. That’s how this journey started and it has been an amazing one so far. You can find  my first blog post here

I have had bad days, scratch that bad months. I had the most severe form of writers block. So I just carried on living my life as though I didn’t have a blog to maintain and readers to talk to. But I overcame, because like I said writing is a gift, its a love that cannot die. I get ideas at the oddest times and places. I cannot count how many times I have woken up in the middle of the night to grab my laptop and start to write, and boy! There’s nothing quite like it.That is exactly how I wrote this post and the famous 22 things about this girl Nothing beats that private joy of seeing or experiencing something and saying: yes! I am going to write about this. To me, its priceless. Nothing quite compares to that orange glow of notification, that tells me that someone somewhere has either followed my blog, read my posts, liked them or has made a comment, that feeling is better than food or sleep, well almost.

Thanks guys, for loving me and my craft and if you have made it to the end of this long post, please like and share and comment, because its a good feeling when you do and I could use a lot of good feelings at the moment.

All my love,


When I write, I lose time. I’m happy in a way that I have a hard time finding in real life. The intimacy between my brain and my fingers and my computer…yet knowing that intimacy will find an’s very satisfying...” – Jil Soloway  

Be Inspired Friday: Young CEOS Under 30, Doing What They Do Best…

Young people are making giant strides in the world today, and its encouraging to see how businesses are being set up and sustained. Be on the lookout every Friday because we will get to meet young entrepreneurs who started their businesses from scratch, find out the challenges they face and how they find their way through the maze that is the business world.

Today’s CEO is Bernard Shaibu: Shaibu Benard Abu a graduate of Management Information System and a member of E-Council.  With experience in Banking, (Internship), Entertainment and Consulting (Visa Consultant). He believes everyone was born with equal opportunity to succeed irrespective of their path to greatness (artist, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, etc.) His philosophy about life has always remain “life is an adventure therefore be adventurous”.  Hem & Omakie Nigeria is proudly a Nigerian based shoe-design Company. We manufacture a wide range of vasertile design in hand-crafted dress shoes for men, women and children as well. Our dream is to set the pace in a vast range of bespoke shoe design and production with an international competitive edge. At Hem & Omakie, every stitch, seam & tuck reflects a drive for quality & excellence in what they do.The Company’s long term mission is to carve a niche as leader in bespoke shoe manufacturing in Africa and beyond, by establishing an upscale, retail presence in Nigeria.

Here is how our chit chat went:

AD: Bernard, Hi, how are you today?

Bernard: I am fine today Ada, and you?

AD: I am well thank God. You have been making quite a splash lately so its only natural I had to talk to you.

Bernard: Yes dear, all thanks to God.

AD: So lets get right down to it, I know you are a busy man and time they say, is money. You studied Management Information System, how come you are making shoes now?

Bernard: Yes, MIS was my discipline in school, but fashion is my passion.

AD: Hem&Omakie is an interesting name, how did you come up with it?

Bernard: Hem&Omakie was coined from two words: “Schehem and Omachonu” which means: Resourceful people rule.

AD: Well said, so how is going so far?

Bernard: I got to realize I would only be running away from my own shadows if shy away what I love to the best, cos at the long run I would still find myself coming back to it! Well, Ada, it hasn’t been a bed of roses, because we are still pretty new in the market, n to get to the top, lots has to be done, so I wouldn’t say its a smooth one right now.

AD: Walk me briefly through the process of making a shoe.

Bernard: Well, shoe making is not a brief process, but however, I would try: first, you need to draw out a design, cut out them out a cardboard papers which we call pattern making, then have pattern cut out on the kind of fabric you want for your design, sew the fabric in areas required, have the sown fabrics transferred in form of a shoe mold, then of course you include the  soles beneath the mold and with a little finishing touch, you have a pair of shoes made for yourself!

AD: Wow! you make it sound easy.

Bernard: Yeah well, you wanted a nutshell, so I guess that is a good way to put an entire process in a nutshell, pending when we meet at the factory for practicals.(Laughs)

AD: I will definitely visit soon. So how many employees do have at the moment?

Bernard: Well, at the moment we have two major head cobblers, and a few tentative staff. We look forward to expanding and growing into a larger market share.

Picture 4113 copy

A Hem&Omakie Creation

AD: I am sure you have had some challenges, please share a few with me

Bernard: The challenges we have had, have helped us see the bigger picture. Inconsistency in the supply of some fabric, (as most of our fabrics used are imported), power supply also poses a huge challenge, considering the huge demand for our brand, sometimes we don’t even know where to start from when we have a lot to do over the night and all of a sudden,  power failure comes to play. But through it all, we are learning as we go and soon we’ll do it all with our eyes closed. Also, we are faced with the challenge of meeting demands, because we do not have the heavy duty machines required to produce in very large quantity to meet the Nigerian  market but I know this won’t be  for long as we work tirelessly to achieve it.

AD: Tell me, If I want to purchase a pair of Hem&Omakie shoes right now, how would I go about it?

Bernard: Well are currently on about 5 online stores which includes,,, so u can actually seat down at home with u phone or ipad n make an order without much stress! However our website is still in process n would be live soon! For the interim our facebook page can also be accessed via

Picture 4070 copy

AD: That is really impressive, any plans to launch a female line soon?
Bernard: Yes oh! Its all in the cooking pot, and as soon as the meal is ready, we will not hesitate to serve all the Nigerian ladies both home and abroad, with our unique brand, so be on the look out.
AD: One word for young people who are looking to go into the shoe business?
Bernard: Well, I am still growing in the business and I am learning as I go, but focus and determination is what keeps you going in this line of business,especially here in Nigeria where there are a lot of limitations. If it is your dream, stay true to it.
AD: Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me, I am looking forward to wearing your shoes one day soon.
Bernard: Its my absolute pleasure, I’ll look forward to that as well.
Its the holidays soon, for uniquely distinct shoes, click on any of the links above and you will be happy you did.
Enjoy your weekend!

Bernard Shaibu, CEO HEM&OMAKIE

Be Inspired Friday: Young CEOS Under 30,Doing What They Do Best…

Young people are making giant strides in the world today, and its encouraging to see how businesses are being set up and sustained. Be on the lookout every Friday because we will get to meet young entrepreneurs who started their businesses from scratch, find out the challenges they face and how they find their way through the maze that is the business world.

Today’s CEO is Josephine Okulaja: Josephine is a trained journalist with a B.Sc. in Mass Communication and Masters in International Broadcast Journalism. She has worked as an On Air Personality, voice over artist and programs producer in various Online Radio Stations including BBC where she worked as an Intern. Her combined love for new media (Internet) and fashion compelled her to set- up ‘Allyouwant’.
Allyouwant is an online retail store; it focuses mainly on Unisex shoes and statement fashion accessories. Since the launch in June 2014, Allyouwant has served many customers across Nigeria and is looking forward to serve other West African countries.

Here’s how our chit chat went:

AD: HI Jo, how are you?

Josephine: I’m very well thank you.

AD: Thank God its Friday yeah?

Josephine: Yes! technically, I work all through the week, but the weekends are somewhat easier.

AD: OK so lets get down to the business of the day. Allyouwant kicked off in June, how has it been so far?

Josephine: Yes, it kicked off in June and the traffic on the site has been so amazing. We have customers from across Nigeria, we have have also had people buzzing us from other African countries wanting to patronize us, but at the moment we are not there yet. Come next year, that is definitely on our radar.

AD: Wow! that is impressive. So do you have employees? if yes how many do you have at the moment?

Josephine: For now, I do not have a full staff. Its me and my partner, but the graphic designers, delivery people and other resource persons are outsourced staff. Sometimes, I deliver to my customers myself especially when the location is in an area I am very familiar with.

AD: Tell me about some of the challenges you have been facing and how you have been able to conquer them.

Josephine: Hmmm challenges. That’s really one thing we can’t run away from as humans talk more in a business. The major challenge which has been staring at us in the face is the fact that many customers will always prefer to pay cash on delivery. Right now we do not have that service provided in all 36 states. Our delivery partner only offers that in 7 major locations (lagos, ibadan, Abuja, Port-harcourt, Abeokuta, oshogbo and Ife)   so we often get customers wondering how they can trust us to deliver when they pay online via the online payment platform. I always have to talk to them, convince them and sometimes offer them discounts or deals just to cajole them to buy. When they eventually buy we ship out almost immediately to enable them get their products as soon as possible. Before you know it the phone is ringing and it’s the customer calling to say thank you for quick delivery and not being a fraud, funny but true.

‎We are working hard right now to see how we can provide the cash on delivery option to every city in Nigeria. This project will kick off from the first quarter of 2015. This way we get to serve our customers better and make them feel closer to the store

AD: So, let me gossip a little. Does being a CEO leave you enough time for love?Ad Reviewed_3 copy 2

Josephine: Sure, why not? all work and no play makes jack a dull boy or in this case makes Jojo a dull girl. Being a CEO hasn’t changed me, I still do all my regular activities and I make time to visit and hang out with my friends.

AD: With the stiff competition in the online retail world, what stands allyouwant out from the others?

Josephine: Like they say, the sky is big enough for all the birds to fly. Right now we don’t look at anyone as a competitor rather we look at them as possible future partners. Then again we are sticking to the original positioning of the store which is giving high quality goods at really good prices which is 10-15% off the original retail price.

AD: Any Christmas sales we should know about?

Josephine: Yes! Its a secret we are cooking up. watch this space. By December 1st, you will know.

AD: Thank you so much Josephine, It has been so nice catching up with you, any words for young upcoming entrepreneurs out there?

Josephine: The pleasure is all mine Adaugo, well, I am still a baby in the business but one thing I have learnt and that I will say to them is: never give up. Follow your dreams and passion and don’t do anything because others are doing it. Don’t be scared of trying, stay focused and work hard.

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Enjoy your weekend.


Josephine Okulaja, CEO Allyouwant