Lines Not To Fall For, After He Leaves You…

Now this is just a little Friday humor, but please take somethings I say with more than a pinch of salt, a handful maybe. If he broke up with you and you are trying to nurse your broken heart, the following are lines you should6334362-angry-african-american-couple never fall for.

Line 1: Lets remain friends- This is a huge no no! if he broke your heart, why prolong the agony? I am not saying be enemies, but I don’t see why you need to hang around each other and watch each other move on. So when he says: Lets remain friends, say you will think about it and call him, maybe, in a few years.

Line 2: You’ll always have a piece of my heart- Oh please, let him keep his heart all to himself. If he wont give you all of it, don’t accept pieces of it. True, save the violins, stamp on it and walk away without looking back.(ok not so drastic, but walk away nevertheless)

Line 3: I value our friendship too much to continue dating you Yeah right. He doesn’t love you, probably never did and if you listen to this, you will find yourself clinging to the hope that maybe someday you guys will make it since he “values” your friendship. Move on, do not let him prevent you from meeting someone else.

Line 4: I will always be there for you if you ever need to talk: Uhhhhm no thank you. let your support system be there for you, your mum and your girls, he doesn’t get to make promises like that anymore. you’re broken up, remember?

Line 5: I am sorry, can we try again?– How many times has he said that before? be honest. Once? you tried, it didn’t work. learn from it, count your losses and go!

Some things are just not meant to be, maybe two of you weren’t meant to be, and that’s OK…you need to learn to accept that maybe it didn’t work out for a reason, What that reason is, you might never know but still, be strong. Someone who appreciates you will come along, so don’t hang around, fanning flames that have died out and killing each others chances of happiness.

When suffering from a broken heart, be wary of wallowing alone. It is very unhealthy. For every night of wallowing, prescribe three nights out...”- Camilla Morton

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How Many Frogs?

How many frogs does a girl have to kiss to find her prince? There is still no answer to that question and single girls all over the world have kissed countless frogs and none has since turned into a prince charming.images

Single ladies go through so much and its no wonder half of them rush into ill thought out marriages and find themselves back to square one in a few years. First there is the unbearable pressure from family and friends, subtle hints and sometimes not so subtle ones, asking them when they are getting married and why they aren’t dating yet.

Then there is the BBM syndrome, almost per minute, pictures are being put up with engagement rings, dramatic proposals and I said yes! captions. Broadcast messages are being sent for bridal showers, Asoebi sales and save the dates are a dime a dozen and one single girl is sitting in one corner wondering when her time will come. Am I saying that brides to be are doing anything wrong by sharing the joy of their impending marriages with their single friends? Not at all, all I am saying is that being a single girl can be rough sometimes  most of the time. 

How so? it can be difficult when a friend of yours with whom you haven’t spoken in ages suddenly calls you up or sends you a message inviting you for her wedding and also telling you how much the fabric for the occasion will cost. To save face, you might have to cough out money you didn’t have lying around in the first place to pay for a fabric that often comes in a ridiculous color or texture and that you might never wear again.

Then there is the “third wheel situation”. After being convinced to come along to some place with your friends who are in relationships, you go along thinking: “how bad can it be? we are all friends.” only to find yourself standing or in some cases sitting idly while the lovebirds whisper into each others ears, exchange soulful looks and laugh at jokes which only them can decipher.

Blind dates and random set ups are fast becoming the order of the day. A friend of a friend meets some guy and thinks he’ll be a good match for you and voila! numbers are exchanged and after a few attempts at getting to know each other, you find yourself thinking if you were so far gone that your friends thought that this guy would  be a good match for you.

I am no expert on this issue seeing as I am asking myself the exact same questions, but after much thinking and a little research, I think the best thing to do is to focus on yourself while you wait. Take that class you have been wanting to take, embark on trips, Learn a craft, or a new language, seek for ways to constantly expand your horizons and improve yourself. Stop evaluating every guy you meet by promptly asking for his long and short term goals, and mentally grading him on your checklist, focus that energy into making new friends and you never know…

How many frogs does a girl have to kiss to find her prince? we might never know…but I do not think that true love is always a fairy tale, where the guy swoops in and sweeps you off your feet. I believe that true love takes hard work and commitment but in the end, it is worth waiting for.