What friendship Means To Me

Some years ago I got into the University and I knew no one. There was not a single familiar face and it was tough spending my early days in school alone. For someone as outgoing as myself, I was so convinced that I was going to make a lot of friends very quickly but it was not so, Sooner or later, I met six amazing individuals and I will try to use our story to explain what friendship means to me…

Jainee, Sef, Mims, Ebi, Lolu and Ohaks; anybody who knew me in school knew these girls along with me. We went every where together, ate almost every meal together, went to church together, sometimes even the Library! Guys were scared to walk up to us because we were intimidating, well so they said … There were very few things that we did not do together, and though we were seldom in the same hostel, it made no difference. Now, it wasn’t all sunshine, rainbows and unicorns, we had fights, very major fights that we didn’t even know we could get back from, but we did and it made us even stronger.

School was bearable thanks to them and soon we became sisters, we knew each others parents and families and it was hard to to believe we only met in school. We each had very different personalities. I was the bubbly one, the outgoing and goofy one. Jainee, half nerd, half dancer…one of the best dancers in school then, Roommate at some point and my fellow Indomie Noodles chef. Sef was the reserved one with big dreams about establishing a fashion empire which by the way she’s now on her way to doing. Mims had an adventurous streak, and was never afraid to try any thing new. Lolu, quiet and prayerful and not as goofy as the rest of us, Ebi was probably the most serious one of us all, very prayerful, she was our Chaplain and many evenings of Bible studies happened in her room, and then Ohaks. Ohaks danced alot too, and she had a creative imagination. She held us spellbound with her stories and always had something quirky to say.

One of the best things about our friendship is laughter. We laughed so hard sometimes, we cried. We laughed all the time, and everywhere even at meal times. People who listen to us speak will think we are probably stroke victims because of the way we talk when we are together, hard for others to decipher and it is often impossible to read chats between Jainee and myself because of our lingua.

Then life happened…school ended, and NYSC came, soon jobs came and it became impossible to catch up. Everyone was living their lives and for a moment we lost sight of what we had in school. The beauty of it is that though we are far away from each other, somehow we are making it work.  Ebi is in the UK and is almost a Dr. I’m so proud of her, Jainee has a demanding career that took her to far away China at some point and so does Mims and Ohaks, Sef is a proud business owner and she deals in what she knows best which is fashion. Lolu is a happy wife and mother to an adorable little girl. God has blessed us all and even though we don’t see each other or speak as often as we would love to, it feels good to know that they are always there and just a phone call away.

I have other friends who mean the world to me too( My heart is that big, yes!) and I am thankful for each and everyone of them, they are way too numerous to mention and I love them all…

What does friendship mean to me?

Friendship means trust, it means love, it means sacrifice and it means commitment… I am blessed with friends that support me, motivate me and encourage me. If you don’t have friends that pray for you and support you and tell you the truth even if you don’t want to hear it, then you need to re-evaluate as fast as you can.

Show me your friends, and I will show you who you are. I am proud to show mine anywhere, they are a worthy reflection…

Enjoy your week!

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Where Is Your Laughter?…

Yessss….Yesssss your money for back. The bus conductor dashed any hope I had of catching a brief nap on my way to work. I faced the window and attempted to sleep again only for him to nudge me; yessss sister your money, I no get change oh…after attempting to give him my special brand of ”bad eye” I dug out my wallet and paid him.

I put my head down again and continued my bumpy ride to work until the guy beside me decided that 6:15 am was the best time to play Eleda Mi by Olamide on his loud “chinko” phone, I raised my head to glare at him but when I saw that he and some other passengers on the bus were humming along to the song, I decided not be a kill joy and reached into my hand bag for my earpiece. I searched and searched and only then did I realize that one of my brothers must have borrowed it and forgot to return it to my bag. At this point I was so distraught and all the sleep I was clinging to had fled from my eyes.

Before long I was at my bustop and when I got down from the bus I remembered  hadn’t collected my  750 Naira change from the conductor, I turned to ask him but the bus was zooming away and I couldn’t run after it. At this point I was livid, and  was so convinced that my day was off to a bad start. I had my frown in place and proceeded to climb the bridge and then I saw a friend of mine…

This friend of mine is a crippled guy that sits on the Lekki bridge every morning. There’s always a smile on his face as he whistles cheerily while sweeping the bridge from corner to corner… Him: Ah “Ore Mi! (Ore Mi is the Yoruba word for My Friend) how you dey today? why your face be like this? wey your laugh dey”? Hearing this promptly turned my frown into a smile and I reached into my bag to give him some money like I do daily, but he stopped me and said: “Ore, no worry, this laugh wey you laugh so don reach me,we go see tomorrow”. 

That gesture touched me deep in my soul, because it dawned on me that while I was busy talking myself into being angry so early in the morning, this guy who has no legs and no job was busy finding joy while he was sweeping the bridge. Where is your laughter? where is your smile? the economy is dwindling, you don’t have a car, a good job, a spouse, a house, Brazilian and Peruvian hair, lol… whatever it may be. Learn from my friend on the bridge like i did and make up your mind to be happy and be grateful no matter what the circumstances may be.

Laughter is good for the soul, laugh often and do your best to make other people laugh too, you will be glad you did!

Proverbs 17:22- ”A merry heart doeth good like a medicine, but a broken spirit drieth the bones…”

Random Fact: Dark chocolate, honey and eggs can help increase blood flow, prevent depression and increase your energy.