Monday Morning Pick Me Up! Broken Crayons Still Color…

Hello my good people! Please forgive my long absence, things have been crazy in my corner but I am hopeful that all will return to normalcy soon.Broken-Crayons

“Broken crayons still color” I came across this quote some weeks ago and it spoke to me. You know how you might be going through something and you stumble on a sentence or a scripture somewhere that suddenly makes your burden much lighter? that’s what happened to me when I read this quote on my friend’s BBM update.

The fact that a crayon got broken somewhere along the way doesn’t mean it should be thrown away or discarded. The effectiveness of the crayon is not in its shape or size or whether it is intact or not its in the fact that it can still color. So maybe some happenings in your life has chipped away chunks of your self esteem, or the fact that it is the end of the year and you have little or nothing to show for it as compared to your friends and family who achieved a lot of mile stones, it can be anything that has made you feel broken inside, but do not despair, yes you might be broken but you can and will still color!

Don’t write yourself off just yet, don’t close the book of your life because it seems like there are no chapters left to write, if only you know how blessed you are…the mere fact that you are alive today translates into the fact that there is hope for you. The dead has no hope, no prospects, no future, they are over and done with. You on the other hand have a lot to look forward to, avenues to learn and grow and so many opportunities coming your way, all you have to do is believe. I know this sounds like a cliche, but it is one hundred percent true.

Broken crayons still color, broken dreams can still be rebuilt, never say never.

Have a beautiful week!

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Why Am I Here?

I thought I knew what I wanted very early in life. I knew what age I wanted to finish from the university, intended course of study, career path, when I wanted to get married and how many kids I wanted to have. I knew all these thinQuestion_markgs, dreamt about them and in my naivety  I was so sure they would pan out exactly how I thought they would. 

Over the years, things seem to have gone in a totally different direction, all my lofty dreams and visions have gone unrealised and I have adjusted my numerous checklists so many times that I have lost count. Alot of questions have been on my mind…If all my plans had gone the way I had hoped they would, I might have been married, might have been having my second baby and managing my career at the same time but after all that, what would have been next??? 

What was I created to be? Wife, Mother and? I wish there were answers, I wish I knew. I believe I was made for a reason but for the life of me I have no idea what that is…am I the only one going through this? who is unsure as to what exactly the point of all this is? 

Give it time, thats what everyone says so thats what I will do, I shall keep praying to God too, He made me so He has all the answers. In the mean time, I’ll live each day trying to impact someone, to bring a smile to someone’s face and to do whatever my hand finds to do to the best of my ability.

“Somehow, we’ll find it. The balance between whom we wish to be and whom we need to be. But for now, we simply have to be satisfied with who we are.”
Brandon Sanderson, The Hero of Ages

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What friendship Means To Me

Some years ago I got into the University and I knew no one. There was not a single familiar face and it was tough spending my early days in school alone. For someone as outgoing as myself, I was so convinced that I was going to make a lot of friends very quickly but it was not so, Sooner or later, I met six amazing individuals and I will try to use our story to explain what friendship means to me…

Jainee, Sef, Mims, Ebi, Lolu and Ohaks; anybody who knew me in school knew these girls along with me. We went every where together, ate almost every meal together, went to church together, sometimes even the Library! Guys were scared to walk up to us because we were intimidating, well so they said … There were very few things that we did not do together, and though we were seldom in the same hostel, it made no difference. Now, it wasn’t all sunshine, rainbows and unicorns, we had fights, very major fights that we didn’t even know we could get back from, but we did and it made us even stronger.

School was bearable thanks to them and soon we became sisters, we knew each others parents and families and it was hard to to believe we only met in school. We each had very different personalities. I was the bubbly one, the outgoing and goofy one. Jainee, half nerd, half dancer…one of the best dancers in school then, Roommate at some point and my fellow Indomie Noodles chef. Sef was the reserved one with big dreams about establishing a fashion empire which by the way she’s now on her way to doing. Mims had an adventurous streak, and was never afraid to try any thing new. Lolu, quiet and prayerful and not as goofy as the rest of us, Ebi was probably the most serious one of us all, very prayerful, she was our Chaplain and many evenings of Bible studies happened in her room, and then Ohaks. Ohaks danced alot too, and she had a creative imagination. She held us spellbound with her stories and always had something quirky to say.

One of the best things about our friendship is laughter. We laughed so hard sometimes, we cried. We laughed all the time, and everywhere even at meal times. People who listen to us speak will think we are probably stroke victims because of the way we talk when we are together, hard for others to decipher and it is often impossible to read chats between Jainee and myself because of our lingua.

Then life happened…school ended, and NYSC came, soon jobs came and it became impossible to catch up. Everyone was living their lives and for a moment we lost sight of what we had in school. The beauty of it is that though we are far away from each other, somehow we are making it work.  Ebi is in the UK and is almost a Dr. I’m so proud of her, Jainee has a demanding career that took her to far away China at some point and so does Mims and Ohaks, Sef is a proud business owner and she deals in what she knows best which is fashion. Lolu is a happy wife and mother to an adorable little girl. God has blessed us all and even though we don’t see each other or speak as often as we would love to, it feels good to know that they are always there and just a phone call away.

I have other friends who mean the world to me too( My heart is that big, yes!) and I am thankful for each and everyone of them, they are way too numerous to mention and I love them all…

What does friendship mean to me?

Friendship means trust, it means love, it means sacrifice and it means commitment… I am blessed with friends that support me, motivate me and encourage me. If you don’t have friends that pray for you and support you and tell you the truth even if you don’t want to hear it, then you need to re-evaluate as fast as you can.

Show me your friends, and I will show you who you are. I am proud to show mine anywhere, they are a worthy reflection…

Enjoy your week!

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What If?…


What if you have stopped loving your job, your spouse, your friends, your life??? What if everything feels wrong to you? What if your life feels like you are starring in a poorly directed movie? or like a pair of shoes that you really love but they just wouldn’t fit?

I can bet you that you are not crazy or paranoid, a million and one people are going through the same things…Its life! the plans we make fall apart, the things we are so sure will work out don’t even come close to happening, the man you thought would love you till the day he died didn’t even make it past the first month! i could go on and on.

Take a step back and examine yourself and the life you live, amazingly you might find that you really are doing nothing wrong but what if you are? what if you take life too seriously? what if you are so obsessed with your long term goals that you forget to live in the now? what if you have forgotten to find joy in the simple things like; a child’s laughter, a funny billboard, the smell of a freshly mowed lawn? (well if you live in some parts of Lagos, chances are you might  never smell or even see a freshly mowed lawn) but hey, whatever it is that gives you joy, do it! quit scheduling it, don’t over think it, like Nike says; just do it.

”What do you love doing? Eating? Eat the way you like it…maybe with your hands. Sleeping? Sleep the way you like…maybe on the floor/mat sometimes. Walking, eating, writing, drinking? Do it the way you love to do it. You will be surprised at the joy that comes with the anonymity.”- (‘Kunle Olaifa 2013)

Have an amazing week, do away with the what ifs and just be happy! you’ll see, it works.

Random fact: Deep breathing can help release tension and toxins from your body!