Love Letters&Music Notes…

I sat in my room this evening and had a good laugh, a really good laugh because I heard a song that sent me racing down memory lane to a time when life was very much uncomplicated. Growing up, music was a very huge part of my life, it was an escape for me from all the craziness that was associated with puberty and the myriad of changes that kept happening to the teenage me.

I will get back to the music part in a short while, lets talk about the love letters shall we? Those letters were very sacred to me and I did all I could to keep them safe and away from any eyes but mine. I was fifteen and as far as I was concerned I was in love and I was on top of the world. My father was and is a no nonsense man, and so I knew the consequences that would befall me if he caught wind that I was receiving love letters from the boy next door, hence the elaborate schemes to receive and return said letters.

I was basking in my secret euphoria until my sister got mad at me one day and handed over my sacred stash of letters to my father. Oh the horror I felt when my father summoned me and asked me to explain every one of the letters he held in his hands. speechless did not begin to describe the way I felt that day and as far as I was concerned my life was over. It is safe to assume that I was thoroughly dealt with and as if that wasn’t enough, imagine my shame when my parents marched me over to the boy’s house to express their concern, it is safe to say that my letter writing days were quickly over. I have recently¬† made a mental note to remind my father of this incident the next time he asks me why I haven’t brought a suitor to him yet, who knows? the boy he scared away might have been the one, lol.

Now to the music notes, I was almost obsessed with music. This obsession began when my aunt would come home from the university and bring her small radio along with her numerous cassettes (I haven’t said or thought of the word cassette in a very long time) So, I would diligently sit with that radio, pencil in hand and rewind those tapes till I memorized every single song on them. Nothing gave me more joy than standing in front of that cracked mirror near the bathroom and singing at the top of my lungs. Blackie, Celine Dion, Raskimono, and Junior&Pretty were at that time, on the top on my repertoire.

As I grew older, I moved on to Plantashun Boyz, Styl Plus, Craig David and even Eminem. My friend Lizzy and I had special notes in which we wrote down every line and ad-lib of every song we loved, we were a force to be reckoned with. Thinking back now, If I had put as much effort into mathematics as I had put into memorizing all those songs maybe I wouldn’t have been so bad at it.

Many years have passed since my music note days in fact, my friend Lizzy is married and has a precious little boy now, but my love for music hasn’t dimmed one bit, now the love letters on the other hand, is any one really too old for a little romance?

Like A Mustard Seed…

indexA mustard seed is really, really small and it is hard to quantify faith by its size, but the Bible tells us that if we have faith as small as mustard seed, we will cast mountains into the sea and they will move, literally.

Sometimes, God and His miraculous deeds seem abstract to us and we find it difficult to imagine much more believe but they do happen. I’ll give an instance that happened to me at the Houston airport on my way to Nigeria, in March last year.

I had gotten to the airport and as I tried to check in, I was informed that my luggage had exceeded the designated weight and therefore I had to pay a staggering sum of 1,200 dollars or throw some of my stuff away to lighten my boxes. My Nigerian brain rapidly calculated the Naira equivalent and I knew that I was in serious trouble, cos I did not have that amount of money anywhere. I could call neither my mum or anybody as my international calling card was exhausted, I looked up and down and I felt utterly helpless.

I found a seat and opened my boxes but I couldn’t bear to throw any of my stuff in the trash, it was just inconceivable to me and I did that which came natural to me; cry. I cried and cried and cried and people were just minding their business, walking past and rushing to catch their respective flights. While I sat on that bench hopelessly nursing the headache that my bout of weeping brought on, it occurred to me that I could ask God for help and there and then I bowed my head and said a very heartfelt prayer to God and asked Him to please send me help as I had no other option.

It is important to note that in that moment, I completely surrendered and became dependent on God without a plan B, I did not harbor any doubts and I just sat there for over an hour waiting and my flight time was drawing nigh. Suddenly one of the attendants walked up to me and asked me why I was crying and I explained my situation and she went in and brought her boss out with her. In a matter of minutes the boss looked at my passport and asked me some questions and then he asked me to pay 400 dollars as against 1,200. I was so happy and as I raced to an ATM to get it, the attendant ran after me and asked me to come pay 200, which was the exact amount of money I had in my wallet. I was so stunned and nobody could understand the sheer awe and amazement I was feeling in that particular moment, my mustard sized faith had moved my 1,200 dollar mountain! Not only did my fees drastically reduce, they checked me in specially and I made my flight just in time.

Now, this might not seem like a big deal to many people, some might even think: what is 1,200 dollars? but I can boldly state that it was on that day that I completely believed that God was a loving father who would grant my requests if only I asked and believed.

I don’t know what any of you might be going through right now, I know I am facing my own storms at the moment, but this post might be for you. The moment we quit limiting God is when He will come through for us, because to be honest that day at the airport, prayer was neither the first, second or third option that came to my mind but the moment it did, results came forth. Whatever you are facing can go away if only you can summon up faith as tiny as a mustard seed, it is that simple!

You don’t have enough faith,” Jesus told them. “I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.” Matthew 17 vs 20

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Winter Is Here!…

Jon Snow

Jon Snow

Yes!!! my fellow Game of Thrones fans can relate and agree with me that the much awaited winter we have been hearing of since the first season is finally here. Lets take a minute to acknowledge Jon Snow shall we? he’s the only one that really took the impending doom seriously and tried to prepare for it. He made the smart decision to go and gather the wildling army because he knew that there was no way the men of the night’s watch could outnumber and fight the much dreaded white walkers without help.

This decision was met with derision and no one except Sam and the old Maester Aemon though he was being sane by suggesting to ride out with Tormund his wilding captive to hardhome in an attempt to convince the wilding army to come fight with them when the long night comes. Little did he know that winter was here already, because winter came while he was still at hardhome and they were ill prepared for it. The white walkers came in all their creepiness and killed almost all of the wildilings except those who were wise enough to get on the boat.

Now, a couple of scenes made my breath catch and my heart skip a beat. The first scene was the one where Tyrion gave the speech of a life time during his discussion with the Khaleesi. I do not think that there is any character on GOT as wise, savvy and smart as he is because not only did he save Ser Jora’s life, he has somehow managed to become her special adviser in one fell swoop!

The second scene was were Tormund went rogue and beat the Lord of Bones to death with his own staff and then said: “Now gather the elders, and let us talk!” like a boss! I found myself clapping when he said that. Then of course the thunderbolts that accompanied the white walkers, talk about spooky but in a good way. All I could say was wow and when the commander of the white walkers raised his hand and raised all the slain wildlings all I could say again was wow. Backtracking to episode 7, who else was ecstatic to see the evil Cercei in jail just moments after she went to taunt her imprisoned daughter in-law? I am curious to see her talk her way out of this one.

¬†I am sad that there’s just two episodes left but then that’s why it is GOT. All I can hope is that nothing happens to Jon Snow, now that isn’t a very smart hope because GOT fans have often learnt the hard way not to get attached to any character because they might die at any time. Ned Stark, Robert Baratheon, Rob and Catherine Stark, Rob’s wife and his unborn child, Khal Drogo and Lord Obrien are characters I loved and had to say goodbye to, although I was very happy to say goodbye to Khaleesi’s evil brother (I don’t remember his name), the foolish King Jeoffery and Tyrion’s mistress Shay. I also look forward to saying goodbye to Ramsey Bolton, its about time!

Out of The Sand…

So for quite a while, I have been meaning to write…something, anything. It had been too long since I wrote anything but I kept putting it off and until a couple of minutes ago, I was still putting it off. The past couple of months have been trying for me. My perception of life has shifted and it has been extremely hard to refocus. Lost two of my very good friends in the space of two months. Both of them married, both of them newly wed, none of them lived to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

I have thought about it over and over and over again, this gift called Life, this time we have here on earth and most importantly, what I have been doing with mine. I haven’t figured it out yet but I think its time to start to really live. To find a purpose and actually make each day count.

So, it is safe to say that I am back, my head is out of the sand and now more than ever I appreciate that which I have and how blessed I am to be alive and healthy.

Life is a gift, a gift that we should all feel blessed to have irrespective of whatever situation we find ourselves in…One step at a time, that’s really all we can do.