Love Letters&Music Notes…

I sat in my room this evening and had a good laugh, a really good laugh because I heard a song that sent me racing down memory lane to a time when life was very much uncomplicated. Growing up, music was a very huge part of my life, it was an escape for me from all the craziness that was associated with puberty and the myriad of changes that kept happening to the teenage me.

I will get back to the music part in a short while, lets talk about the love letters shall we? Those letters were very sacred to me and I did all I could to keep them safe and away from any eyes but mine. I was fifteen and as far as I was concerned I was in love and I was on top of the world. My father was and is a no nonsense man, and so I knew the consequences that would befall me if he caught wind that I was receiving love letters from the boy next door, hence the elaborate schemes to receive and return said letters.

I was basking in my secret euphoria until my sister got mad at me one day and handed over my sacred stash of letters to my father. Oh the horror I felt when my father summoned me and asked me to explain every one of the letters he held in his hands. speechless did not begin to describe the way I felt that day and as far as I was concerned my life was over. It is safe to assume that I was thoroughly dealt with and as if that wasn’t enough, imagine my shame when my parents marched me over to the boy’s house to express their concern, it is safe to say that my letter writing days were quickly over. I have recently  made a mental note to remind my father of this incident the next time he asks me why I haven’t brought a suitor to him yet, who knows? the boy he scared away might have been the one, lol.

Now to the music notes, I was almost obsessed with music. This obsession began when my aunt would come home from the university and bring her small radio along with her numerous cassettes (I haven’t said or thought of the word cassette in a very long time) So, I would diligently sit with that radio, pencil in hand and rewind those tapes till I memorized every single song on them. Nothing gave me more joy than standing in front of that cracked mirror near the bathroom and singing at the top of my lungs. Blackie, Celine Dion, Raskimono, and Junior&Pretty were at that time, on the top on my repertoire.

As I grew older, I moved on to Plantashun Boyz, Styl Plus, Craig David and even Eminem. My friend Lizzy and I had special notes in which we wrote down every line and ad-lib of every song we loved, we were a force to be reckoned with. Thinking back now, If I had put as much effort into mathematics as I had put into memorizing all those songs maybe I wouldn’t have been so bad at it.

Many years have passed since my music note days in fact, my friend Lizzy is married and has a precious little boy now, but my love for music hasn’t dimmed one bit, now the love letters on the other hand, is any one really too old for a little romance?

2 Replies to “Love Letters&Music Notes…”

  1. Wow! This is so me! 😀 No one is too old for a little romance but sometimes logic takes the fun away. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it could just start with a little love letter. Nice one dear!

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  2. Ahhhhhh! Nice piece of writing nne…well i rilly didnt do much of the love letter thing back in the days cos i guessed i wud probably be caught after reading those letters ; many came in torrent, i wud tear them and discard them in waste bin. many of the girls would eagerly wait for my reply which often times i jst scribble them in classes n made them available to the asap.Those days were fun ooooo.And the love songs too really helped one to fall in love fast. #No thanks to boys11Men…..lolzzzzz


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