Grow old with me…

19 thoughts on “Grow old with me…”

  1. we all pray for that kind of love and the honest truth is that it doesn’t take much, just two people who love themselves enough to make it work–to make their relationship work and flourish..NIce post

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  2. I just got to read this post and I’m like wow! Double wow!! Your uncle and aunt’s relationship had me smiling all through. Definitely relationship goals! But with the way everything in our generation is going so fast, it’s a tad scary what love would look like. Will it whisk off with the speed of an instant message? I sure want it to last, like handwritten love letters. Lol. Now you’ve turned on my mushy side! 😛 I love this piece dear!

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  3. OMG!!! Just where have i been to be reading this now? Ada God bless you tremendously for sharing this. Sometimes i get scared of marriage because of the alarming rate of divorce in our society. But i get consoled again because God is the originator of marriage. I miss those days of handwritten love letters

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