Top CV Cliches And Why They Should Be Avoided

I found this post very helpful because after a quick dash to review my CV I found myself guilty of almost all the cliches. I hope you find it helpful as well.


Are you motivated, a team player and hard working?
Are you able to work on your own initiative?
Of course you are and so are most of the people applying for the same job as you. If you really want to make an impact with a prospective employer you need to think about avoiding CV cliches and show some originality in your approach!
Common clichés to avoid:
• Results oriented – as opposed to what? No one intentionally sets themselves up to fail; being focused on solving problems will be expected of you no matter what job you do.
• Highly motivated – again as opposed to lazy? Generally employers will assume that you’re motivated based on the fact that you are actively searching for your next job opportunity. It would be better to provide examples of how you’ve proven your motivation.
• Strong work ethic – again, you are…

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