A Few Hard Truths..

Every once in a while, there’s a reset that happens. It’s almost as if life runs an independent review and comes up with a list of things that we already know but have a hard time accepting as the truth. I have come across a few recently and I thought to share so here goes nothing..

1. Some people only like you when you’re broken. The moment your head comes out of the sand and you attempt to do better for yourself they fade away. It almost feels like a silent reproach, how dare you get better? How dare you not need me so much? And the saddest; how dare your misery stop being my entertainment? You must do your best to move on, to protect yourself from that before it sucks you back into the never ending cycle of eh yah, sorry it will get better. It has gotten better darling, you are whole now, away you go to your best life!..

2. Sometimes, we’re our own harshest critic. The words we say to ourselves are powerful and sadly not always kind. Nobody criticizes me like I do myself. I’m learning to be kinder to myself, to extend to myself the grace I easily give to others. I deserve it too, softness and gentleness, and I will do better.

3. Yes, people are selfish but so are you. Oops, this one was a bit hard for me and no one likes to admit this but it is indeed the truth. I justify it by thinking that there’s a thin line between selfishness and self preservation. If you actually care about people, but you’re also self aware enough to understand your need to put yourself first sometimes, that’s self preservation and it’s the right thing to do. However, when you blatantly have no regard for others and you’re making a decision that purely suits you, that’s being selfish and every one is guilty of it once in a while.

4. It’s okay to let go. We hold on to things/people/situations too tightly sometimes that we actually end up hurting ourselves. It’s okay to admit that things end, that it’s time to keep going. Holding on and staying back won’t change anything and the only person getting hurt is you. Let go, be free things end and that’s okay.

5. Re: Trust. Things break when they’re broken and no matter how well you put them back together, they’ll never quite be the same. Once pieces are missing from the whole, the pattern is forever altered.

6. Sweeping things under the rug never helps anything. When things happen, it’s okay to address them, this is especially hard for me because I find confrontation stressful. However, if an honest discussion about how you feel becomes a confrontation maybe you’re in the wrong situation? That might be something to ponder on. Yes, not everything needs to be addressed, there’s wisdom in picking your battles but the thing about leaving things unaddressed is that most times, it breeds disappointment which often turns to frustration, frustration turns to resentment, resentment turns to anger, anger to rage and rage to indifference, at which point there’s not much of a way back, the rug is flowing over and the dam has broken.

There you have it, a few hard truths that have resonated with me lately. Please share yours with me in the comments, you know I love hearing from you.

“The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable” – James A. Garfield

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