Why Didn’t He Call Me Back???

Disclaimer: This post is just my honest opinion, I might be wrong…

Girl meets guy, they get along, guy asks for girl’s number, girl gives it to him, guy promises to call and he does not call. Why didn’t he call me back? this is a question that girls all over the world have asked themselves and their friends at some point. It is safe to say that in some cases, it has remained a mystery.

Now, in my little experience,(emphasis on the word little) I have discovered that men, (well most of them) are sure footed, and they basically do what they say they will do.

So I think that if he did not call you back, it might be for any of these reasons:

1. You did, said, implied, or even wore something that flashed red signs at him and he has decided to have none of it.

2. After a few hours of not hearing from him, you texted and called and basically stalked him. This might set him off too!

3. He got hit by a bus or by lightning and died minutes after he got your number!!! LOL

Seriously though I might be wrong but who knows? Sometimes Ladies, Its nothing you did or said or implied or wore that led to his not calling back. He might say he is busy, but hey, there are 24 hours in a day, he could have found 5minutes to call you back. He can say he forgot and if he actually did, Ouch!

After all is said and done, I am of the opinion that if a man says he will call you and he doesn’t, he didn’t die, he wasn’t hit by a bus, he is not so busy! He just didn’t want to call!

Who thinks differently?