Hi there, I am so glad you’re reading this!

I am just a girl, who loves to read and sometimes write. There are so many thoughts in my head, a lot of them are my real life experiences, others are fiction and some of them might just be recipes! but above all I am really hopeful that it encourages and enlightens you because it is my earnest desire not to bore you, and hey! never forget that Jesus loves you!

Nothing gives me more pleasure than communicating with my readers, so please feel free to send me a mail at:


Thank you for stopping by, read, share, love…



6 Replies to “Contact”

  1. this is my 1st time of reading your write ups. and behold u are superlatively awesome infact keep up the good work and i can assure you the sky is just ur starting point. #impressive

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  2. Hi Amareez. It’s about time you had this blog. All the hilarious stories we’ve heard from you now has the privilege of being penned down for even more to enjoy thrills of laughter from. Such hobbies only makes the world a better place. Enjoy the adventure.

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  3. Hello dear marchie,

    Good morning to you. I am very overwhelmed and intrigued by your lovely write ups/ posts which is very pleasant and inspiring and will gladly recommend that you should keep the zeal burning.
    See you at the Top. 🙂


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