Don’t settle!

Hi people!

So this is a short, random post about my experience at the nail salon recently. You guys know me, always finding deep meanings in random happenings lol!

I went to get my nails done, because I had really long false nails on and I have a lot of typing coming up so I wanted my own nails for a change. I painstakingly explained to the Chinese nail technician what I wanted and I thought we understood each other. Boy was I wrong! 

I just patiently looked on as she did her thing and when she was done I wasn’t happy with my results, they were way too long and she said my own nails weren’t long enough. I told her again like I told her before that I knew my nails were short and that’s how I wanted them so I stood my ground and told her I wanted them short like we agreed earlier.

So after a lot of back and forth she came on board, took off the false nails and let me have mine😊😁 and all is well with the world.

All mine, just like I wanted…

What’s the lesson you ask? It’s simple; don’t settle. I would have kept quiet and went home completely dissatisfied cos I didn’t want to upset my nail tech or make a scene but I knew what I wanted, long nails and keyboards don’t get along so I stuck to my gun and I got my desired results in the end. So whatever crossroads you find yourself at be it at work, in life or relationships, where ever. If you can have better, go for it! Don’t keep quiet and please don’t settle!

Ps: I typed this post from my phone, this new word press app is pretty cool guys. Check it out. (For my fellow writers)

“The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.”Maureen Dowd


  1. mybecomingdiary · August 11, 2016

    Yes ma’am, I won’t settle. Pretty nails by the way!

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  2. Amanya · August 11, 2016

    The Tat. Yo.

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  3. themumzone · August 11, 2016

    Fine “nels”, as I tell my friends 😉
    Welcome to wordpress app o, lol.
    As for settling ehn, sometimes, you are not just in the mood.
    As always, you have inspired another post that I have written in my head but failed to upload to

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    • Adaugo · August 11, 2016

      Please upload oh, we your loyal fans are patiently waitin!


  4. Dainty M · August 12, 2016

    I like how you always use mundane things to explain deep lessons. Mehn! I probably would have settled because I hate exhaustive back and forths. But this has reminded me to stand firm and not to settle. Thanks dear for sharing!

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    • Adaugo · August 12, 2016

      I hate back and forth too but sometimes mehn you have to put your foot down and insist, lol

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  5. Shakara Girl · August 14, 2016

    I always say this, strive for the best, dont settle for things just because they look good now. Nice post Dear.

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    • Adaugo · August 14, 2016

      That’s the truth right there girl! Thanks for reading 😊


  6. timelesswheel · August 15, 2016

    I like the fact that despite not wanting to settle, you made sure you dealt with it patiently and with love and didn’t focus on the fact that she was Chinese.

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  7. houtshi · September 27, 2016

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