On Mothers And Midnight Discussions…

I am quite sure that a lot of young ladies can relate to what I am about to say, even the not so young ones, as long you have a mother, and you are single, there will come a time for certain midnight discussions.

My mother is in town and as you can guess by now, the midnight conversation has since transpired. It started very innocently and I almost did not see it coming. My mum and I were up one night just gisting and talking about random things, when the throat clearing occurred. Ahem… nne, I have been meaning to ask, so are you dating? is there anyone I should have heard of or about to meet? My throat went dry as my mind scrambled to put my now scattered thoughts in order.

I appeared to be thinking long and hard about my response, first of all because I was sure that this was a trick question. My mother knows practically everything that goes on in my life, I speak to her every single day so if she knew what I had for lunch the day before, would I hide something as monumental as a suitor from her? I wondered. Second, how would I begin to explain to her the crazy encounters I have had these past few months? Like the one on the gram who turned out to be a crazy nut head? I ran all those scenarios in my mind and settled for one simple answer: No ma.

*Insert deep sigh* Don’t worry my daughter, in due time. She said her goodnight and fell asleep. It is safe to say that the discussion ended right there. I closed my eyes and willed myself to sleep, soon mum, soon.

This Lie Called Social Media…

black-woman-on-phone-in-bedIt is sheer folly to assume that one’s life/marriage/career is perfect because they post beautiful pictures on Instagram and facebook. If only you knew what transpired shortly before or after said pictures were taken, you will find yourself taking a moment to be thankful for the life you actually have.

Social media has built this make believe world, this platform where anyone can log on and instantly become whoever they want to become. One of the most realistic quotes I have ever heard is: “pictures lie” boy, is that quote apt! with a few touch ups here and there anyone can become flawless, filters and edits can make a flawed face stunning, flowery words can make a crass personality so endearing and many have fallen into deceit.

Am I saying stay away from social media? No. I am a regular participant myself but somewhere along the way I have learned not to take it too seriously. The thing is people only show you the parts of them they want you to see on social media. Hundreds of selfies will be taken before the perfect one is chosen for display, only the nicest of handbags and shoes make it onto the gram. A couple of weeks ago,I stumbled on pic where a girl actually Photoshopped a pair of sneakers onto her feet. I thought that was the funniest thing I had seen in forever. Nobody’s life is perfect, irrespective of what people post on these platforms, it is wisdom to take a glance and go, desist from dwelling on people’s pages and comparing their lives to yours.

Not every love story happens exactly the way they are narrated on there. Facts are glossed over, fights are hidden, insecurities and vulnerabilities are not showcased so before you find yourself drooling and wishing your life could be a fairy tale like the ones you read about, think again. Invest time and make your life into what you want it to be, not something like what you saw on social media.

“Social media has given us this idea that we should all have a posse of friends when in reality, if we have one or two really good friends, we are lucky”. – Brene Brown
Photo Credit: Google