On Mothers And Midnight Discussions…

I am quite sure that a lot of young ladies can relate to what I am about to say, even the not so young ones, as long you have a mother, and you are single, there will come a time for certain midnight discussions.

My mother is in town and as you can guess by now, the midnight conversation has since transpired. It started very innocently and I almost did not see it coming. My mum and I were up one night just gisting and talking about random things, when the throat clearing occurred. Ahem… nne, I have been meaning to ask, so are you dating? is there anyone I should have heard of or about to meet? My throat went dry as my mind scrambled to put my now scattered thoughts in order.

I appeared to be thinking long and hard about my response, first of all because I was sure that this was a trick question. My mother knows practically everything that goes on in my life, I speak to her every single day so if she knew what I had for lunch the day before, would I hide something as monumental as a suitor from her? I wondered. Second, how would I begin to explain to her the crazy encounters I have had these past few months? Like the one on the gram who turned out to be a crazy nut head? I ran all those scenarios in my mind and settled for one simple answer: No ma.

*Insert deep sigh* Don’t worry my daughter, in due time. She said her goodnight and fell asleep. It is safe to say that the discussion ended right there. I closed my eyes and willed myself to sleep, soon mum, soon.

One Reply to “On Mothers And Midnight Discussions…”

  1. I relate to the story, just that it doesn’t necessarily have to be at night, its usually any alone/together time. Nice write up….weldone


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