This Rainbow Thing Sef…

My People,

Long time no post. I have been meaning to write for quite sometime now but life just kept happening and I kept putting it off but I am here now, so please love me again, Thank you!

To the matter at hand, Life in this Obodo can be a tad confusing at times all the time! I do not think I will ever get used to seeing a full grown man walk around as a woman and vice versa. It is unfamiliar territory for me and it has been taking some getting used to.

I was at work one day minding my own business, and a customer called to order some stuff. He asked how I was and if my day was going along well,( customers NEVER do that) and we had a brief chat before he put in his order. He was Oh so sweet on the phone, so polite and very well spoken to the point where I found myself looking forward to putting a face behind the voice. Fast forward twenty minutes later, two men strolled in. One tall, dark and very good looking Nigerian guy and a white guy.

They both walked up to me and the Nigerian guy identified himself as the guy that just spoke to me on the phone. Ghen Ghen! *insert a nollywood movie soundtrack*. I turned on my smile 100 watts brighter and we started talking, I was completely oblivious to his white companion until I took a second look.

At first glance, just looking at the two guys I would have sworn they were just friends, colleagues at most who just came in to get some food but looking again, they had matching shoes, matching pants, and wait for it…! matching wedding bands. Then a light bulb went on in my head and it dawned on me that they were a couple. The white guy must have noticed the change in my eyes because he smiled and said: yeah, I know right? he is my husband. The Nigerian guy suddenly became self conscious and what had been a happy and light hearted exchange became super awkward and uncomfortable.

They paid and walked away hand in hand. My colleague and I sat on the nearest seat to us and took a moment to ponder on this whole rainbow phenomenon. That was a fine Nigerian brother she said. I echoed her sentiment and we got up and resumed our job quietly, while they drove off into the sunset the gas station on the corner of the road.

He was a fine brother alright, he just didn’t  play on our team, sadly.

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