I Do? Part II


To refresh your memory, please see part 1 here. I know it’s been a long time coming, but please enjoy!

Chidi looked into her eyes as the whole congregation waited with bated breath for her to respond, he was searching for a clue. He raised his left brow and tilted his head to the left, wordlessly asking her what was wrong. Titi’s sisters took a break from their photo spree and faced the altar where Titi and Chudi stood facing each other. The priest adjusted his glasses, cleared his throat and asked for the second time: do you Titlayo Smith take Chidi Nze as your lawfully wedded husband, forsaking all others, to have and to hold, for better and for worse, till death do you part?

At this point it was obvious to everyone at the ceremony that something was wrong with Titi. It felt like a Nollywood movie and the atmosphere suddenly became charged with anxiety. After what felt like an eternity, Titi managed to say I do. A deep collective sigh of relief was followed by a nervous round of applause and as the priest hastily concluded the ceremony, it felt almost as if he was rushing through everything before Titi changed her mind again.

As friends and family gathered outside the Church for the mandatory round of pictures, everyone was abuzz and lost in the joy of the occasion, Chidi however was not a happy camper. He took Titi to the car and stood looking at her, because he didn’t even know what to say to her. She was a hot mess! Her flawless makeup had been ruined by all the tears and the pregnancy hormones weren’t helping matters at all. She opened her mouth but the words wouldn’t come. Titi’s eyes were pleading and so filled with emotion that it made Chidi want to cry with her. He took her shaky hands and tried to steady her. What is it? What’s wrong darling? Please tell me. All Titi could do was to open her mouth and close it back again with big fat tear drops streaming down her cheeks and leaving streaks on her makeup, and then to make a bad moment worse, wale started walking very briskly towards them. Titi saw him first and because her frayed senses just couldn’t take it anymore, she passed out.

…And then she woke up! It was all a dream, a really awful nightmare, but just before she heaved a sigh of relief, a wave of nausea had her bolting from the bed and into the bathroom where she retched like there was no tomorrow. As she watched her face and tried to catch her breath, it all came crashing down on her; the wedding might have been a nightmare, but she was still pregnant with Wale’s child, she was still engaged to Chidi and her wedding was still next week.

I Do?

Today, I decided to take a stab at fiction. Enjoy!

The big day had finally arrived. After months and months of planning and stressing out, her wedding day was finally here. Titi could barely sleep the night before her wedding, she was on an emotional roller coaster and her stomach was so uneasy. She tried to chew on her nails like she always did when she was nervous, but she couldn’t because she had acrylic nails on for her wedding. Her sisters and her bride’s maids were lounging in the hotel room and were completely oblivious to the turmoil raging within her. As far as they were concerned she was the luckiest girl on the planet, but was she?

Titi had the same boyfriend from when she was sixteen till she turned twenty seven, she was so sure she was going to spend the rest of her life with wale, they did everything together and nobody knew one without the other, but on the eve of Titi’s twenty seventh birthday, wale proposed to another girl. Titi thought she was going to die, she went as far as attempting suicide, but her sister found her just in time. She had so much pain and bitterness inside of her because she had no clue wale was dating another woman, talk more of proposing to her. Where did he find the time to spend with her? How did they meet? How long did they date for? She had all these questions but the one person that could answer her was in Dubai celebrating his engagement.

Eventually Titi dragged herself up, put herself together and started her life afresh. She was determined to get over wale and she did, even though she had no closure. Fast forward ten months later, she met Chidi. A handsome, dashing Igbo guy who swept her off her feet. It was a whirl wind romance and before she could blink she was engaged and planning her wedding. Chidi loved Titi with every fiber of his being and anybody who had eyes could see, but a part of Titi still clung to the life she had envisioned for she and wale, she thought she was over him but she wasn’t.

Titi couldn’t talk to anyone about how she was feeling, how could she begin to explain that Chidi didn’t make her feel the way wale did? So she did what turned out to be the biggest mistake of her life, one Sunday night exactly three months to her wedding, she got in her car and drove to wale’s house. Titi had worked hard to put that Sunday night out of her mind, to focus on the future and the man she was about to marry and she managed just fine until now. She was marrying Chidi tomorrow but could she? Could she face Chidi and say I do?

Morning finally came. As the makeup artist worked on her face, her heart was racing. Her friends and her sisters were all dressed up, smiling and taking photos, her mother came in, blessed her and veiled her. Nobody saw the anguish in her eyes, nobody saw how badly she was trembling, everybody assumed she was just a nervous bride. Time was going by so fast, soon her hand was draped over her father and he was walking her down the aisle. Titi couldn’t see anyone in the church,all she could hear was her heart pounding in her ears. she had never been so afraid in her life. Chidi stood tall at the altar in his perfect suit, waiting for his bride. Soon the moment came; her father handed her over to Chidi and went back to his seat.

Titi finally looked at the guests seated behind her. She saw her father smiling proudly, her mother delicately dabbing at her tears with her pristine handkerchief, her sisters taking a group photo, Chidi’s parents smiling at her and then she saw him and her heart stopped. Wale was seated right there looking at her with expressionless eyes. Titi looked away and blinked back the tears that were rapidly welling up in her eyes. She looked up at Chidi just in time as the priest asked her if she was willing to take him as her lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, for better or worse, till death did them part.
But how could she say I do, when that fateful Sunday night changed the course of her life, how could she promise to love Chidi forever  when she was carrying wale’s child?