Lines Not To Fall For, After He Leaves You…

Now this is just a little Friday humor, but please take somethings I say with more than a pinch of salt, a handful maybe. If he broke up with you and you are trying to nurse your broken heart, the following are lines you should6334362-angry-african-american-couple never fall for.

Line 1: Lets remain friends- This is a huge no no! if he broke your heart, why prolong the agony? I am not saying be enemies, but I don’t see why you need to hang around each other and watch each other move on. So when he says: Lets remain friends, say you will think about it and call him, maybe, in a few years.

Line 2: You’ll always have a piece of my heart- Oh please, let him keep his heart all to himself. If he wont give you all of it, don’t accept pieces of it. True, save the violins, stamp on it and walk away without looking back.(ok not so drastic, but walk away nevertheless)

Line 3: I value our friendship too much to continue dating you Yeah right. He doesn’t love you, probably never did and if you listen to this, you will find yourself clinging to the hope that maybe someday you guys will make it since he “values” your friendship. Move on, do not let him prevent you from meeting someone else.

Line 4: I will always be there for you if you ever need to talk: Uhhhhm no thank you. let your support system be there for you, your mum and your girls, he doesn’t get to make promises like that anymore. you’re broken up, remember?

Line 5: I am sorry, can we try again?– How many times has he said that before? be honest. Once? you tried, it didn’t work. learn from it, count your losses and go!

Some things are just not meant to be, maybe two of you weren’t meant to be, and that’s OK…you need to learn to accept that maybe it didn’t work out for a reason, What that reason is, you might never know but still, be strong. Someone who appreciates you will come along, so don’t hang around, fanning flames that have died out and killing each others chances of happiness.

When suffering from a broken heart, be wary of wallowing alone. It is very unhealthy. For every night of wallowing, prescribe three nights out...”- Camilla Morton

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One Reply to “Lines Not To Fall For, After He Leaves You…”

  1. Relationship is all about giving and not taking your empty bag of expectancy with you, just to take and never give. Sow into it, water it,until it blossom. It has to come from both parties. Nice piece adugo.

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