How To Get Over Your Ex!…

13 thoughts on “How To Get Over Your Ex!…”

  1. Amara you are so on point. i have not really gotten over my marriage. And as such has not been able to move on. peopple say you are a pretty woman, why did i not remarry but its not been easy to be in a relationship.

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  2. “Stop stalking them on social media, not everything they post is about you”..truer words have never been spoken..
    I think it’s important to forget the past relationship by reminding yourself of the reason why it ended in the first place, so you don’t find out that you are holding a torch for something that won’t benefit you. Also my friend made me write a pro and con list of someone and then I realized that I wanted better for myself so it helped

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    1. You’re so right! Actually making a list helps you see things in black and white and you can make a better informed decision… thanks Damola for stopping by, have a blessed week


  3. Hey sis! I love the sincerity in this post. Sadly, most of my breakups have been in my mind and I can’t say I felt so deeply, but then I could connect to the emotions in this post. I’m happy you’re rising above it. I love the tips you listed. That stalking part eh! Hmm, it’s hard but necessary to stop it. Love you sis!

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