Brave Soul..

The soul is brave,

The soul is brave.

Even when the body is weak, the soul is brave.

What could be harder than letting go?

It is the bravery that makes a child leave it’s parents,

The leaving behind of all you know and love,

That makes a mother leave her children..

It isn’t really a choice,

If it was maybe they would stay.

Bargain, reason with all the old gods and the new.

Alas, it is not a choice.

It never was.

When the clock strikes that last time,

The soul goes.

Whether or not it is ready,

Whether or not goodbyes were said.

No do over, no second act.

It’s just over,done..

Loud,deafening silence.

I wonder what happens in that instance,

Is it a swift, painless departure?

Or is there one last look at all the things that were cherished and loved the most?

The soul is brave.

It up and leaves when it’s maker calls.

This life is a market place.

When it’s all said and done,

It’ll be time to go.

The soul is brave,

The soul is brave.

-Adaugo 2022

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