The Kiss..

Anticipation, the anticipation of a kiss is always the best part. I’ve read way too many romance novels and maybe I did have unrealistic expectations but I was so sure, so optimistic that with you there would be fireworks. So this pent up longing built and built and like a dam I thought I would burst, but then the day came. I was ready. Breath mint, check. Favorite lip balm that tasted of coconut and banana, check. Then I saw you, and you saw me. I closed my eyes and leaned in, you leaned in too but it just didn’t fit. There weren’t any flutters in my belly, my heart wasn’t pounding in my ears, but I was determined. I snuck a peek at you, your heavily lidded eyes were shut tightly in concentration. Finally, our lips met but you and I both know that this was the last time we’d ever kiss. I opened my eyes, you opened yours and a few awkward smiles later, we both walked away, straight into ghost town. You see, for a kiss to be epic, there has to be chemistry and the thing about chemistry is, you either have it or you don’t. We didn’t. Bummer.

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