Loving You

I love you but all you do is make me cry and I don’t mean happy tears.

I love you but you don’t see me.

I love you but I think the butterflies you once gave me flew away.

I love you but one more lie might break me.

I love you but who are these other girls?

I love you but I fight all my battles alone.

I love you but I am oh! So lonely.

You don’t love me back. You say you do, but that was just another lie for the pile.

Loving you is hard, painful, an extreme sport

It’s should be easy, exhilarating and glorious.

I should be myself with you, but I don’t recognize me when I am with you.

Loving you has been my joy and pain

But today, today I choose me.

After all this time I have spent loving you, I think it’s time to love me too.

-Adaugo 2019

4 Replies to “Loving You”

  1. Great heartfelt poem Adaugo..
    It seems the ones you love take you for granted..
    Loving yourself will help you see who will handle your heart gently.
    I would say find yourself a husband in the church, but I have heard there are players wearing halos in every town.. 🙂
    When you are down, try listening to I Am by Eddie James.. he gives me Godbumps..

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