Come Home..

Come home. Two words, that simple. It doesn’t matter how far you’ve strayed or how lost you are all you have to do is turn around and make your way back home. Life is a maze, and we all scurry around trying to find our way through. So It’s okay if you take a few wrong turns, if you feel lost or simply cannot find the next step to take. It truly is okay. Let me tell you something I am sure you already know, I’ve been lost too. More times than I can count or even remember but somehow, I am able to find my way home. So turn around, come home. We will all be waiting, smiles beaming on our faces, hands stretched out ready to fold you into a hug, our voices clear and strong and cheering you on. we will be your safe place, all you have to do is come back. Turn around, don’t you see? don’t you see the light? It’s shining bright at the edge of despair and pain, just a few miles away from you. Follow the light back home, don’t let the darkness win, not today. Come home, we are all waiting.

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