Simple Pleasures..

It had been a long week. Every bone in my body ached from exhaustion. As I adjusted the strap of my heavy bag and trudged home like a drunken zombie, I had one thought in mind, food. The skies rumbled and I felt a sudden gust of wind, leaves scattered all around me. The distinct smell of rain woke my tired brain up and then the rain began. Beautiful, pure water straight from the sky. In that moment I forgot that I had a wig on, that people were watching, that I wasn’t a child who could twirl in the rain but who set these rules? My wig will dry, people could watch and adults can enjoy the rain. I closed my eyes and twirled and danced, I let the rain wash my stress away. It was magical. When I stopped and opened my eyes, I was a tad dizzy, my hair was a mess and I was shivering, but I was happy. As I ran the last few steps to my house I thanked God for rain. We will find simple pleasures everywhere we look and for me today, it was as simple as rain.

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