Morning Will Come..

I keep waiting..

I keep waiting for morning to come.

Maybe it’ll be easier

Maybe this pitch black world will be a few shades brighter

It has been a shocking year. Each day even more shocking than the last..

I can’t seem to catch my breath, you see; it’s been one tragedy after another.

It’s hard to see the sun, to feel its warmth

When you’re watching and waiting

Fearing what the day will bring, wondering what tragedy will rock the world today.

Too many deaths, too many lights snuffed out, this avalanche of pain doesn’t make much sense..

I keep waiting

I keep waiting for morning to come and wash all this pain and fear away

With each sunrise we are blessed to see, we must hope.

We must bury heavy hatchets and love fiercely, we must drink from the fountain of life as though we have been parched for ages.

We must live.

Who knows how many more sunrises there’ll be?

I hate the night, but I know it’s weakness.

In all it’s pitch black glory, morning and light will always win.

The sunrise swoops in and chases it away and it skulks away and lets us breathe..

Now morning has come.

Let us all close our eyes, steady our breaths and hope with all our might that it will be a glorious day..

-Adaugo 2020

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