Lost my lover, lost my shoes..

My lover left me

He turned to me, his face a mask I couldn’t read

His hands cradling his wine glass the way it once did me

Tender but firm

I tried to speak

But my heart was in my throat and words failed me

I was all cried out, all talked out, all out

I looked up at him

My eyes frantically searched his

Looking for a spark

Looking for the light I once lit in him

There was nothing

A stranger looked back at me, like I wasn’t even there

I always knew when to count my losses and this was as good a time as any

I knew I had to go

But I had to look again, one last time

What we had was real, it was in there somewhere

So I looked up one more time, looked into those deep black eyes

And I searched again

He wasn’t there, the man I loved was gone

So I gathered myself and what was left of my dignity

I walked and walked and never looked back

I had walked a little before I realized I was barefoot

My heart had broken into smithereens

There was no time for shoes

My lover left me

Left me all alone

In the same place that we first met..

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