On broken wrists, feelings and this small world..

Drum roll please… winter is here! Literally and figuratively. Literally because it’s below zero degrees and snowing and figuratively because there’s finally a date for the last season of Game of Thrones. I still can’t believe it’s ending for real but hey, all good things must come to an end right?

So let’s get into it shall we? Last week Sunday, I took a trip that changed my life. I went somewhere I didn’t plan to go, met people I didn’t plan to meet and while I was basking in the joy of it all, It occurred to me that the universe has a way of aligning things just so and if you find your self in the right place at the right time? Magic. So I took this spontaneous trip and met this amazing couple and we got along instantly! it was almost like we had known each other for ever. That meeting set a lot of good things in motion but that’s a post for another day.

So randomly Ms. O (my new friend) and I are were having a conversation today and it turned out that she and I lived almost next door back in Lagos. Like, we even bought Suya from the same guy! For all I know we might have walked past each other and not even known and now we met again on another side of the world. I was so blown away by that and as we reminisced about home and the horrific roads in Ago palace way, I remembered my broken wrist and how I’m still paying dearly for my silly mistake.

Several years ago, I was heading home from work in a tricycle. I was lost in thought, using my right wrist to support my chin when suddenly the driver drove into a pothole and I sprained my wrist. It hurt so badly but when I got home, instead of telling my mum or going to the hospital, I took a couple of pain pills and kept it pushing. I never sought treatment for my wrist and it healed wrongly. I thought I was being smart avoiding the pain of treating the wrist and sometimes it doesn’t bother me at all but when I exert it or when the weather gets cold it hurts so badly and I’m in a world of pain and for what?? I could have fixed it when it happened, felt the pain once and for all and moved on but I avoided it and now I’m paying because it still hurts and it’s still a bit swollen.

Running away from pain or unpleasant situations isn’t always the way to go, pain that you ignore or refuse to deal with will find a way of hitting you when you least expect it to. Sometimes you just need to get it together and address the situation. When you don’t, it will hurt even more because it has festered and it’s had time to multiply. This applies to life as well. Personally I hate confrontation. I hate fighting with people, it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and I just hate it but I find that when things go unsaid and hurt feelings go unaddressed, it spirals out of proportion and much like my sprained wrist can cause a world of pain and unnecessary stress. So nip it in the bud. We might not be able to always avoid pain, but the times when you can, speak your piece, claim your peace and keep it moving. Life is too short to be carrying around hurt and pain and bitterness.

So yeah, it’s a really small world. We are basically running in circles around each other and you never know who you’ll meet or where you’ll end up. Be good to people, be kind and loving and give a helping hand when you can, you never know. So here’s to new friendships and to my soon to be healed wrist.

I don’t believe in coincidences, I am completely convinced that right now, in this exact moment, I am exactly where I’m supposed to be, exactly where God wants me to be..

Oh! And here’s a picture of me. A beautiful selfie never hurts anyone right? πŸ˜‚

“A Coincidence is God’s way of being anonymous.” – Laura Pedersen

6 Replies to “On broken wrists, feelings and this small world..”

  1. Yes to a date for GOT!! Kent wait!

    And yeah, sometimes it can feel like a small world.. It sounded nice to meet someone you could go back in time with and share memories from the same place.

    That was a life lesson but Sorry about the wrist love…

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