Dear Mum..

8 thoughts on “Dear Mum..”

  1. Brought tears to my eyes. Truly to know this amazing woman is to love her. She won my heart from ‘How are you my dear daughter’ the first day I met her. Thank you for your prayers. God is going to reward all your hard work through each of these ones He has blessed you with because you have done a wonderful job. You deserve a Medal of Honor. God bless you ma, May heaven smile on you. We love you. 💕

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  2. My Amy, you just brought tears of joy to my eyes now. The source of your mother’s strength can only be divine. She is EXCEPTIONALLY EXCEPTIONAL. I remember the first time we talked “heart to heart “, my thought pattern became restructured. A woman of VALOUR, I salute! And my Amy, you know what, for you, it shall be from GLORY TO GLORY.

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