Come Home..

Come home. Two words, that simple. It doesn’t matter how far you’ve strayed or how lost you are all you have to do is turn around and make your way back home. Life is a maze, and we all scurry around trying to find our way through. So It’s okay if you take a few … Continue reading Come Home..

Simple Pleasures..

It had been a long week. Every bone in my body ached from exhaustion. As I adjusted the strap of my heavy bag and trudged home like a drunken zombie, I had one thought in mind, food. The skies rumbled and I felt a sudden gust of wind, leaves scattered all around me. The distinct … Continue reading Simple Pleasures..


Sometimes. Sometimes I want to huff and puff and tear you down too. Sometimes I want to stand on the rooftops and yell to the world about this injustice. Sometimes I want to ask you; how dare you? How dare you do this to me, me??? Sometimes I want you to suffer like I have, … Continue reading Sometimes..