A Lone Wolf’s Song…

You see loneliness, it knows my name..

It calls when it pleases,

A rude and unwelcome guest.

Sometimes words are useless and they fail.

How else can I tell you of that hollow feeling

That sneaks up on me and echoes through my brain?

I could be in a room filled with people,

But I might as well be in outer space..

Never quite belonging, always a step apart.

Solitude is good.

But it is dangerous when it comes to stay

So ever so often, I rally

I rally and stir myself

Look around, see the world, smell the flowers

Be enough for yourself

But also leave the door a crack open

You never know where sunshine will come from

Summer has ended even before it began

The trees are telling their stories

Their empty branches tell tales

Tales of how the wind blew and left them undone

I wasn’t made to be alone,

I thrive in the midst of people; friends, family

But like a lone wolf

I have learned to walk in the dark by myself

To throw my head back and howl into the night

But not without hope.

Hope can be dangerous still I walk

With the ever present hope

That someday, just maybe

Another wolf will howl back at me..

And I won’t have to explain myself cos it’ll be clear as a still lake

And maybe the journey will get easier

Or maybe not.

Either way, I must trudge on.

This life is mine and this walk is mine to walk.

You see loneliness, it knows my name

It calls when it pleases

But now??

Now I know when not to answer..

Adaugo 2019

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