Brother Somebody, Sister Somebody…

I tire for world people, true I tire.

Orobo! As you fat reach you still dey chop? Small small oh

The person wey you dey tell fit hate themselves pass wetin you know, close ya mouth.

Lepa shandy! You dey watch weight?? Chop o make you no go disappear.

You know whether she dey sick? Sebi na you just call person orobo finish. I tire for you.

Ah sister, see you see 40. You no go find man marry? Abi you dey choose? Time dey go oo

Kai, you no get idea wetin that person dey face, why you no go mind your business?

Ah you don engage ope ooo when be the wedding?

You know whether them get the money? You know as e be them? You know whether them ready? Nawah

You don marry finally congrats oooo abeg do born.

Ah you never born? No too tey o you don dey old..

You know whether them want pikin sef? You know whether them never see belle carry? Or if them just miscarry??? Watch your mouth, words dey wound.

Ah na only one una go born??

Shuuuuuu you get belle again??? This economy no hard reach abi suffer no reach una side?

Bros how far you no go find work?

Ah ah this bros too dey work e no dey ever dey house

Ah ah this girl too do make up.

Aunty you be deeper life? Abeg find lip gloss rub no be you holy pass

This brother too like woman tufia!

Bros you no dey ever carry carry woman you be gay???

See as e be like yahoo boy

This one na runs girl chai

Nawah ooooo she get belle but she commot am

See am, she carry belle but she never marry, God forbid bad thing!

Brother somebody, sister somebody..

All this talk too much.

Face front! Your own life how far? How market???

You no get idea wetin people dey face, na who wear shoe know where e dey pinch pass

Commot eye for people matter. Face ya own. Life don already hard, no add fuel inside fire wey don already dey burn.

I say make I talk this one for pidgin because e be like say English no dey work again,

If any body ask me any yeye question again, no too vex if slap land your face.

Life hard as e be, no take your reggae spoil other people blues abeg.

Na from clap e dey enter dance, no talk the one wey go land you for wahala

You don too misyarn and nobody go save you.

Take ya tongue count ya teeth,

E don do…

-Adaugo 2019







7 Replies to “Brother Somebody, Sister Somebody…”

  1. My sister tell them o, I don understand say, for this life, you no go fit please anybody. You go surprise say na one person fit they complain all this complain so. People no sabi mind their business. I been dey talk say na because I get home training na em make I no dey answer people as dem deserve, because some people no too get sense. But las las we go dey alright.
    I truly enjoy this post because I don dey reason am

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  2. World people. People wey never chop wey go talk say another person no sabi cook. I’ve learned to ignore the noise, truth is even those haters are struggling with something behind closed doors. Lovely post sis. 👍

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  3. It was nice to see a post from you!
    Although I do not understand all the lingo.. it seems there are negative people in your life that could make a sunny day seem like a dreary rainstorm..
    May God send you a husband that sees your true beauty..

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