Brother Somebody, Sister Somebody…

7 thoughts on “Brother Somebody, Sister Somebody…”

  1. My sister tell them o, I don understand say, for this life, you no go fit please anybody. You go surprise say na one person fit they complain all this complain so. People no sabi mind their business. I been dey talk say na because I get home training na em make I no dey answer people as dem deserve, because some people no too get sense. But las las we go dey alright.
    I truly enjoy this post because I don dey reason am

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  2. World people. People wey never chop wey go talk say another person no sabi cook. I’ve learned to ignore the noise, truth is even those haters are struggling with something behind closed doors. Lovely post sis. 👍

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  3. It was nice to see a post from you!
    Although I do not understand all the lingo.. it seems there are negative people in your life that could make a sunny day seem like a dreary rainstorm..
    May God send you a husband that sees your true beauty..

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