Surviving Winter Single.

Absence they say makes the heart grow fonder… as much as I LOVE writing, there are periods of time when it doesn’t love me back. I fuss about it and try too hard to write and nothing. Then I relax and forget it and keep living and out of the blues, like an old friend it nudges me again and then here we are. That’s how I view my unplanned disappearances from here because I haven’t been writing but my heart has been here relentlessly.

So summer is officially over, farewell to all my summer plans that never came to fruition, we will try again next year. ‘Right now, it’s the season for all things pumpkin (which I can’t stand), hoodies, boots and all the gorgeous leaves and beautiful fall colors, but above all, if you are single, it is the season for the return aka “cuffing season”.

surviving winter..

The return you ask?? So if you are a single lady or even a guy, you will agree with me that when the sun starts setting startlingly early and the cold winds set in, certain people that you haven’t heard from for the longest time will suddenly waltz into your life as if they never left. Blame it on the cold, loneliness or whatever but this winter, we must be brave and say NO to seasonal love.

As a single girl that lives alone, I have put together this list of essentials that has made my life more fun and can make this season somewhat easier.

1. Hoodies. If you’re single and maybe your brothers live far away from you, this means there will be no one to steal hoodies from. Hoodies have a way of making you look chic and comfy and for some reason it feels even better when you did not have to buy it yourself but never mind, there is help! just shop in the men’s aisle. They have the biggest, fluffiest, warmest hoodies and if you’re a thrifter like me, even better! you can find warm hoodies in the men’s aisle of your local thrift store. buy to your heart’s content and stay warm and cute.

2.  Books. If you’re obsessed with books like I am, winter is the best time to sit in your warm house, light some scented candles and read to your hearts content. Especially on the nights when it snows so badly and it seems like the whole world is covered in white, don’t wallow in loneliness, no no! Open up a book and read, it’s awesome. My winter novel list is looking quite promising this year.


3. If you’re not a big fan of books, fill your evenings with stuff that you like. Movies, games, or even cooking. I love movies, especially cheesy, romantic comedies, so best believe I have my winter must watch list prepped and ready to go.

4. Invest in a warm, sturdy duvet and blanket. Yes there’s no body heat to keep you warm at night right now but you will be fine. Warm pjs and socks plus a warm blanket will keep you safe and warm.

5.  Soups. Learn new soup recipes. Chicken noodle soup has changed my life. Words cannot describe how comforting and soothing that soup is. I have a list of other warm soups that I’d like to try out and I will share the recipes when I figure them out. Warm soup on a cold evening is heaven, believe me. If alcohol is your cup of coffee by all means, indulge! I am also a big fan of tea. A steaming mug of peppermint or chamomile tea is all I need in this life of sin.


6. Host game nights. Invite your friends over for games, food and hearty laughter. Good company can never be overemphasized. An alternative to this can be planning fun, winter activities with your friends. There’s always something fun happening in every city, find something that you all enjoy and make sure you take good photos.


7. Warm baths. Bath salts, bombs, scented candles, essential oils, the whole nine yards. I schedule at least three hot baths per week. There’s just something deeply soothing about relaxing in hot, scented water. All your worries fizzle away.


8. Self care. I find that for me, winter is actually the best time to work on my skin because the cold weather dries out my skin so it’s literally yearning for moisture. When I take proper care of my skin in the winter, it glows. So find a skin routine that works for you and stick with it. Something about masks and exfoliation, makes me very happy.

In my every day life and in all the winters that I have experienced, these tips have truly helped me. Being single isn’t a terrible thing but the reality is that it can get pretty lonely and lonely is a bad place to be. The up side though is that the more occupied you are with things that genuinely bring you pleasure, the happier you will be. If anything I can say that I have learned to enjoy my own company. It’s actually a beautiful thing. Yes love will come but until then, it’s no to meaningless, pointless seasonal flings and yes to surviving the winter and having fun at the same time..

“in the winter, she curls up around a good book and dreams away the cold.” – Ben Aaronovitch

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2 Replies to “Surviving Winter Single.”

  1. Great list !
    Believe it or not, I can find a pink hoodie in the men’s department.
    When you are really bored.. you can share your soup recipes 🙂
    If you aren’t camera shy you would be a hit on YouTube!

    Liked by 1 person

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