The Get To Know Me Tag!


Thank you my darling Mfon from DaintyM for tagging me, I woke up to the tag and it put the biggest smile on my face. Also, I am convinced that she is my long lost sister because we have so much in common, it’s almost eerie.


Ok, so here goes!

Vital Stats

Name: Amarachukwu Adaugo Uwanaka  (it’s a mouth full, yes I know )

Nicknames: uhmmm… that has to be “maams” It’s a weird sounding name, invented by my sister and it has stuck since then.

Place of birth: Eastern Nigeria


Best friend:  Her name is Ifeoma, I’ve known her for over fifteen years, I was her maid of honour and I am god mother to her second son, so it’s safe to say we are still super close.

Award: I am pretty sure I won an award a looooooong time ago as a teenager in church.

Sport: well, I watch football that counts yes?

Real Holiday: Maryland 2014, fun times!

Concert: I have never been to any but that might change soon though.


Movie: The Lion King

TV Shows: I pretty much watch them all, but these days my absolute favourites would be Game of Thrones, Greys Anatomy and maybe Empire.

Color: Black; always has been

Song: This is never an easy decision but I am currently stuck on One Dance- Drake ft. Wizkid and Kyla.

Restaurant: Joe’s Crab Shack

Book: Every single book ever written by Danielle Steele, (I own all seventy something of them!)


Feeling: self conscious because my eyebrows got botched

Single or Taken: Single!

Eating: I just woke up and got to writing this tag so I haven’t eaten yet.

Wearing: Pjs and a scarf

Watching: My phone screen, (waiting for an email)


Children: YES! I already picked out tentative names *insert sheepish grin*

Marriage: Well, that goes without saying. Yes

Career: I want to revamp child care and children rights in Nigeria

Where I want to live: I think I already live there!

Do You Believe In

God: YES!!!

Miracles: Yes I do, seeing as I just experienced one: waking up with all my parts functioning.

Love at first sight: I used to, but not anymore because love is not a fairy tale, it is hard work.

Ghosts: I think there’s more to the paranormal than meets the eyes so I kinda believe.

Heaven: I most certainly do.

Hell: Oh Yes! Hell is real

Kissing on the first date? Nope

Yourself: Took me a long time to get there but I did and I believe that I can do ALL things through Christ that strengthens me.

I tag:

Carrot Minds

CESC’s Blog

Naija Bachelor

Crystal Walls


I had fun writing this spontaneous post, thanks Mfon! I hope you guys do too. If you could see me right now with my raggedy scarf and the biggest smile on my face Lol!

“The best things are those that are the most spontaneous or seemingly so”- Isamu Noguchi

7 Replies to “The Get To Know Me Tag!”

  1. Awww, I enjoyed reading your answers! I found myself grinning all through! 😃 There’s something about posts you write about yourself. They bring this really strong connection and fondness as though I’ve known you all my life! Keep them coming! Love you sis! Xoxo


      1. I think 3 or there about.. Trust me love, I just cant enough of her books. Can you recommend one for me to read. And can I download her books?


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