Happy Birthday My Nigeria!!!

Nigeria, my Nigeria. Though in recent times it has become so hard to love you, to believe in you and to be proud of you, somehow I am still hanging on. On this day, it comes to mind that you are my only home, and that no matter how far away I go from you, you will always be the root from whence I sprouted from. stock-footage-nigeria-flag-animation-with-real-time-lapse-clouds

We have come a long way from the day we gained our Independence, and we are still going strong. Our leaders have failed us, diseases, terrorism, and a thousand other plagues have befallen us but we are not dismayed. On this day, I choose not to curse, but to bless this Nigeria that I call home. 

One day, this nightmare will be over, one day Nigeria will rise like a phoenix from the ashes. youth empowerment, a functional health system, a sound education system, job security, a dedicated police force, good roads, clean accessible water and infrastructures will be a reality.

I pledge to be the change I desire to see, to pray for rather than curse and condemn the president, to do my best to change this little portion of Nigeria where I reside.

God bless and keep Nigeria and may the joy that we have despite all that we are going through, never ever cease.

Long live Nigeria!!!

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