Uncle Lagbaja And His Girlfriend’s Tattoo…

For some reason, almost everything that happens around me is a story! This one I just had to share because it got me laughing and thinking at the same time, how much is too much?

So I was busy minding my own business, sitting on the balcony and patiently waiting for the guy I buy fish from to walk by when I heard the conversation below from a couple on my street. I shall call him Uncle Lagbaja because that’s how I refer to people when I cannot for the life of me remember their names.

Uncle Lagbaja: I say I no do again ni, I don tire for this ya love! shey na by force?

His Girlfriend: Lagbaja I dey beg you, no leave me. Wetin I do you now? Joor tell me make I beg you. Abeg, I take God name dey beg you.

Uncle Lagbaja: Why you go tattoo my name put for ya breast? ehn? I don pay money for ya head? I tell you say I go marry you? why?

His Girlfriend:  Ah! na the tattoo dey cause this wahala? I go commot am sharp sharp! I think say you go love me more and even propose to me sef when you see the tattoo…abeg if na the tattoo dey cause wahala I go run go Ikeja now now, rub am commot.

Uncle Lagbaja: E don too late, I no dey do again, I dey pack my load commot for this house, you wan take this tattoo trap me, your plan no go work. I no marry you since all this years, na this yeye tattoo go make me marry you?

Loud, racking sobs followed and  before I could blink, Uncle Lagbaja stormed away on his Okada, his bags in tow. As if on cue, the guy selling the fish passed by and I went to him.

Now what is the point of this story? I learnt a few lessons from Uncle Lagbaja and his now ex girlfriend and I want to share…

1) Tattooing his name on your body will not make him love you or stay with you, Aunty Amber Rose taught us that lesson recently too.

2) Defining your relationship and setting clear goals are very important. Uncle Lagbaja clearly had no intention to marry her even though they lived together, and had been dating for almost six years.

3) Self Worth cannot be over emphasised. Having witnessed Uncle Lagbaja giving her a few slaps before, I would have thought she would have been happy to break up, clearly I was wrong.

4) Think before you ink!!! Just before you get that tattoo, be sure that you are 100% certain you can live with it. Uncle Lagbaja’s Name wasn’t even spelled correctly in the tattoo and she had it emblazoned on her boobs. He pointed it out too that the least she could have done was spell his name correctly.

I would like to hear your thoughts on love and tattoos, and also what you think of Uncle Lagbaja and his Girlfriend.

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