Get To Know Me, Again!…

14 thoughts on “Get To Know Me, Again!…”

  1. Nice to see a post! It is great you are making new friends.. and avoiding nudists 🙂
    I love your eyes.. your naturally beautiful.. made up or messed up!
    Congrads on baby Philip.. he is precious 🙂

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  2. Of late I’ve been feeling like I want to make new friends, but yet to come across the specs my heart wants at the moment.

    All true lovers of GoT will need therapy after next season if its truly the last..
    I recently started This is us too. Other favs are the black list and HTGAWM.

    Never liked Danielle Steele only read them for boredom sake. Sophie is bae! The shopaholic series are cool, I’ve read 2 and recently bought one.

    Before I write my own post lemmi run.

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  3. We never stopped loving you! This post sure gladdened my heart. It’s good to see you’re back with makeup (it looks so good) and This is Us got me tearing up as well! Welcome back!

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  4. Wait! Are you really over Grey’s Anatomy? I don’t believe it! 😂 You always talked about it. I feel like I watched it through you.

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