Every time I stay away, there’s always a reason, there’s always something that has overwhelmed me to the point where I am unable to gather my thoughts and write anything worth reading. This time though there’s no deep reason. I’ve been away simply because my trusty, dependable laptop finally gave up on me.

Then I was thinking, do they even miss me? Or remember that they haven’t heard from me in a while? How do I let them know I am hale and hearty? And then I foolishly remembered I had the app on my phone. So this is me checking in, letting you know I am alright and will be back to regular programming really soon!

I really hate change, the thought of even getting know my new laptop is a little annoying but I better get on it.

Enjoy the rest of your week guys!



6 Replies to “C.H.A.N.G.E”

      1. Dear Adaugo,
        I just wanted to let you know, there is a powerful church in Warri.. It is called Fathers House, on Deco Road..
        If you are feeling overwhelmed and need prayer.. there prayer line is +234-805-275-0872
        I hope you are well, and blessed 🙂

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      2. You’ll never know how timely this message is! Been going through stormy times and I am very overwhelmed. Will give them a call asap. Thank you dear friend…


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