29 going on 60…

8 thoughts on “29 going on 60…”

  1. I was digging this post…when then you posted the Chainsmoker and I wanna break the damn like button! I LOVE the chainsmokers and I love that song! I’m with you girl, since graduating at 22 all I can think about is where I’m not; however, that just makes one depressed. Gotta be positive!😊

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  2. This is beautiful! I can so relate though and I am really dreading my birthday this year. Sometimes i think, can’t i just be this one age forever, but as always, I am learning to count my blessings!.
    Life has definitely got so much for us and God is always the solid Rock!
    Cheers dear

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  3. Your quotes are always spot on! Happy birthday again sis! You have no idea how much I learn from you. I practically look up to you. Your life, with all the ups and downs is still an inspiration to as many as read your blog.I’m loving the way you’re taking on the year. I pray that all things work out for the best. Love you sis!

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