Love and Scars..

Life is filled with random coincidences and I thought that this one was worth sharing. Few weeks ago while I was taking off my braids, I cut my left hand in a freak accident, the flesh came right off and it hurt so badly. Eventually it healed and left a scar above my thumb.

I was talking to my mum on the phone today and I subconsciously started to fiddle with the scar on my left thumb and ended up telling my mum about the scar and how it got there. She asked to see it and I obliged. When she saw it she was quiet for a beat and then she asked me if the placement of the scar reminded me of anything. I tried to think but nothing came to my mind.

My mum went on to tell me that my father had a scar in almost the same place as mine and that I gave him that scar. when I was little, I was prone to seizures and on one particularly harrowing episode my father put his hand in my mouth to stop my jaws from locking up and I bit him deeply and it left a scar on his hand till this day.

Long after I got off the call with my mum I was still looking at my hand and wondering what a random coincidence this was. My dad got a scar because he loved me and didn’t want me to die and I got mine because I couldn’t take my eyes off the tv long enough to look at what I was cutting. It was hilarious to me but It left a warm feeling in my heart.

My dad fought for my life and it left him with a scar and thirty one years later I clumsily cut myself on the same spot. What are the odds? So random I know, It probably only makes sense to me but it made me smile and tomorrow, I will call my dad and thank him for saving me all those years ago.

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  1. Wow! What a coincidence. This will definitely take your dad down memory lane 😁. Did it feel strange in a way that you both had the same scar 31 years apart?

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