All The Little Blessings…

5 thoughts on “All The Little Blessings…”

  1. You couldn’t have said it any better! All the cares in life must not cause us to loose sight of what good health truly is!
    I’m so happy you’ve made a good recovery. Stay strong dearie ❤️

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  2. Yo!!!!! This is so true. ain is monster , that much I know ! Dealing with it ALONE is the grand-monster! Sometimes the burdens of life become so big that they bully any thoughts of gratitude that may be trying to make an appearance. I am so guilty of taking little things for granted. Just being able breathe without a machine assisting me, that I woke up in my right mind (mercy!!!!) , and good health (ayeeeee) . Because, with good health, I have a fighting chance against my life’s challenges. What is I had all these life issues crazily going on , AND I was in bad health!!!! Ohhhh Wendy , you have to do better about being grateful for the little things!!!! Thank you Amara so much for this much needed reminder! #hearts

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