Weekend Blues; Titanic&A Seafood Fiesta!

I had a great day today. I had been craving sea food(well, I always do!) so today, I finally went and got some. Met up with some friends at The Captain’s Boil and the food was off the chains!. I had the crawfish and shrimp platter and I didn’t say a word all through my meal. That’s how good it was. When I eat food that I enjoy, I don’t like to talk, I just want to focus on the happiness going on in my taste buds and I only make exceptions if I am with people that I don’t know very well but today, I was with friends that knew me well and they know that you don’t come between me and my seafood. The ambience of the restaurant was awesome! They had this giant screen where the World Cup was showing and it was just a great and very lively atmosphere!

Speaking of the world cup, the Super Eagles have me on an emotional roller coaster like they always do! Sad one moment and unbelievably happy the next. LOL fingers crossed boys! All the best.

So there was food and margaritas and foot ball and good company, it was a pretty wonderful evening and I hated to say good bye to my crew. Soon as I got home, the logical next step was movie time. Since Netflix is officially redundant to me, I decided to watch Titanic. I know it always makes me cry and half way through it I always stop and ask myself why I’m putting myself through this misery especially the part where the ship starts to sink and everyone goes crazy.

…Jack, Jack! There’s a boat..

I sat there transfixed to the screen, tears streaming down my face and even though I have watched this movie over and over again, twenty times to be exact, those words never cease to break my heart. Why did Jack have to die??? In a perfect world, they would have both survived, made it off the boat and lived happily ever after but it’s never a perfect world is it? Sigh.

I finished the movie, all three glorious hours of it and mentally reminded myself again to never step foot on a boat! The older I am when I rewatch Titanic, the cheesier it seems to me. Still I can’t help but imagine how in love Jack and Rose were. Even though all they had was a couple of days. My favorite scene was the part where they both stood on the railings of the boat, arms outstretched, it was just so beautiful and the part that was the most painful for me to watch was when the old couple refused to leave and died in their bed followed by when the boats finally came and the guy said: we waited too long, they’re all dead. What’s your best and worst scene?

Well, that’s how my weekend has gone so far! I hope yours has gone even better. I’ll be having some guest writers on the blog this week, it will be amazing! I promise..

A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets...” – Rose

4 Replies to “Weekend Blues; Titanic&A Seafood Fiesta!”

  1. Oh me too Adaugo.. I cried like a baby.. watching her beloved slip away..
    Heart wrenching..
    Have you seen War Room.. or Soul Food? Both were great, but War Room had a better message ๐Ÿ™‚

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