What’s In Your Handbag?

Hey people!

So some days are for deep, reflective posts, but days like today are for fun, totally random discussions; like what exactly is in your handbag? I never really paid much attention to the contents of my handbag, I just “grab n go” but today, I actually looked inside my bag and here’s a list of what I found:

1. Two chapsticks ( that I never use, and didn’t even know I had)

2. One Eos lip balm ( ok, I actually use that one because it’s kinda sweet)

3. Two safety pins! To think that I had been searching all over for a pin all day!

4. Six pens. What am I writing? Really???

5. A pack of gum. That’s a staple, I always have gum.

6. Three rubber bands and one black hairband.

7. The lip gloss I stole from my sister that I have NEVER used!

8. My cute note pad because well, inspiration.

9. My wallet ( In which you’ll find passport photos of my nuclear family, letters from more than 10 years ago, complimentary cards from people I no longer recollect meeting, coins, dental floss, atm cards, etc because yes, there’s more.

10. My spare earphones

11. A Daniel Steel novel that I have been trying and failing to read.

12. Numerous receipts from grocery shopping and miscellaneous buying.

I didn’t realize I had all that stuff in my handbag, I might get rid of some of them or not, who knows? What’s in your handbag? Tell me, I would love to know!

Oh! Nothing to see here. Just me, goofing around in my PJs on a Friday night 😉

Oh! Nothing to see here. Just me, in my cool PJs dancing the Friday night away😊

Ps: if you have any topic you’d like for me to write about please, please leave a comment below!



12 Replies to “What’s In Your Handbag?”

  1. This is an interesting post. Beyond the handbag, I guess we all have places we can check to get rid of somethings we don’t need any more. #Decluttering.

    Since you asked, I’m curious to know what’s in those letters you said you have been carrying for a decade. Do you mind writing about that?

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  2. This was fun to read! My bag contains a daily planner, handkerchief, pack of tissues, hand cream, powder, lipstick, small bottles of perfume, a wallet (containing passports, hair pins and safety pin), glasses and umbrella. Haha. PS: I’m loving your PJs! 😘

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