#22 Things About This Girl (The Sequel)

7 thoughts on “#22 Things About This Girl (The Sequel)”

  1. Wait! Number 11. No more astigmatism? Abeg how did you do it? I’ve been wearing glasses for astigmatism for over 20 years and it only seems to be getting worse every time I go for a test.


    1. yes oh, no more. Faith played a large part though. my prescription expired and I never got around to changing it, and right now, I haven’t worn my glasses in over 7 months now.


  2. I totally enjoyed reading this and kept letting out gasps of ‘you too?’ ‘I know right!’ ‘hey soul sister!’ It’s so fun to meet someone who you have a lot in common with, ranging from perfume obsession to love of sleep, series, jewelry etc I laughed so hard at the laptop part! Hilarious! You’re one interesting person and I love your blog. And hey! I like the new theme! You go girl! ❤ 🙂

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  3. You think you are brave until you see a flying cockroach. I am still like that with geckos. The day I stepped on one barefoot, I screamed and started crying. Hubs couldn’t believe a gecko could make this strong geh cry like that. I had goose bumps for the rest of the day.

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  4. Very intriguing list. Maybe I need to carry out a thorough research about ladies fear of roaches.
    I think you are an amazing person with all these.

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