#22 Things About This Girl (The Sequel)

Writing this post last year was one of the highlights on this blog for me.see—>  here   It was the post I had the most fun writing, and I remembered parts of myself that I had forgotten for so long. However, it has been a year and things have changed so I thought I would revisit the list and see what parts of me have changed and remained the same. In order for this sequel to make sense to you, you have to click on the link above to read the first one so you can understand where I am coming from.

Yours Truly
    1. I still love my Lord and savior, that hasn’t and will never change.
    2. I think I cooked so much last year that I have become an even better cook, practice really does make perfect, so dear future husband I definitely have you covered.
    3. I was very busy with school last year, so it didn’t leave me much time to read any novels. I miss my boxes of books back home though.
    4. I still stutter and I think I have started talking even faster than before, to the point where the people I considered to be pros at deciphering my words no longer can. I should put all that energy into becoming a rapper maybe.
    5. This girl is still very much a day dreamer. Some of my dreams are starting to look feasible though, so fingers crossed.
    6. I haven’t done any sort of rehearsals or sang seriously for over a year now so my voice is quite rusty but, its still in there somewhere.
    7. I still cannot sew to save my life! I attempted a couple of times and I have officially given up. Some things will never change and my sewing skills definitely will not.
    8. My fear of rats have simmered down simply because I haven’t seen any since I have been abroad, but I am very sure the moment I come home it will resurface.
    9. I still CANNOT walk into a party by myself, it still dates back to when I was sixteen and no, you cannot ask me why.
    10. Guys, bad news! the day after I left home, my mother ordered my brothers to throw out my perfume bottles, all of them! I might need therapy to get over the pain I felt. I have since started a new collection.
    11. I haven’t worn my glasses in a while now, found myself needing them less and less so bye  bye astigmatism.
    12. Perfectly drawn brows are still very much my thing, that’s a given.
    13. Ah! this one is a legend, it doesn’t need any changing. The first time I got a laptop many many years ago, I wouldn’t let anyone copy my music or my movies, I was afraid they would finish it and I would have nothing to listen to or watch.
    14. Wristwatches and earrings are still some of my vices. Rings on the other hand, not so much. Well except for the one that will matter *clears throat*
    15. Hahaha! this one is another legend that has to remain the same. My sister once slapped me while she was asleep, what a way to wake me up!
    16. I wrote a book when I was nine, it was never published though. I am working on another book now, nineteen years later. This time around it will be published! watch this space.
    17. Ah! my love affair with music, one of the constants in my life. Music is always there when it is needed.
    18. I am still restless, although nobody calls me that anymore. I still cannot sip my drinks, I have been conditioned to gulp unless its a scalding cup of coffee. As for untangling cords and chewing candy, well your guess is as good as mine.
    19. I still love all my siblings fiercely. That will NEVER change. My baby sister is getting married real soon though, I am an emotional wreck.
    20. My club Chelsea has broken my heart so many times this season that my love for soccer has gone from hot to lukewarm to cold. I haven’t kept up in months.
    21. My love for sleep is still waxing strong, I am yet to find anyone who hates to sleep.
    22. I watched so many series this past year, I cannot name them all but my classics still remain. Even though Game of thrones and Greys anatomy broke my heart, I am still patiently waiting for the new seasons,story of my life, sigh.

I am still thankful for my readers, who still remember to come to my page though I haven’t been posting much of late. Those who took the time to send me emails, asking if I was OK, you will never know how much joy that gave me, thanks my people!

So there you have it, have I changed much?


7 Replies to “#22 Things About This Girl (The Sequel)”

  1. Wait! Number 11. No more astigmatism? Abeg how did you do it? I’ve been wearing glasses for astigmatism for over 20 years and it only seems to be getting worse every time I go for a test.


    1. yes oh, no more. Faith played a large part though. my prescription expired and I never got around to changing it, and right now, I haven’t worn my glasses in over 7 months now.


  2. I totally enjoyed reading this and kept letting out gasps of ‘you too?’ ‘I know right!’ ‘hey soul sister!’ It’s so fun to meet someone who you have a lot in common with, ranging from perfume obsession to love of sleep, series, jewelry etc I laughed so hard at the laptop part! Hilarious! You’re one interesting person and I love your blog. And hey! I like the new theme! You go girl! ❤ 🙂

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  3. You think you are brave until you see a flying cockroach. I am still like that with geckos. The day I stepped on one barefoot, I screamed and started crying. Hubs couldn’t believe a gecko could make this strong geh cry like that. I had goose bumps for the rest of the day.

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