The Lekki Joggers…

Fitness is important, no doubt. Jogging is a good cardiac exercise and is highly encouraged. Men and women all over the world, keep fit in so many ways and the primary aim of jogging is to keep fit.

In the suburbs of Lekki however, jogging has become a social activity. I was going to work one morning minding my business until  I saw a lady, very well endowed I must say, clad in a sports bra and a pair of itsy bitsy shorts, she looked like a Victoria’s Secret angel, strutting down the run way that is the Ikoyi Link Bridge. What struck me as odd was the fact that she was fully made up! the whole nine yards, complete with false lashes and red lipstick and I found myself wondering why she needed makeup to jog, since she was going to get so sweaty anyway.

I didn’t have to wonder for too long because my questions were answered almost immediately. I became aware that I was not the only one who had noticed Her Royal Sumptuousness’ in all her glory stopping every now and then to dab delicately at her sweaty brows. Then came a guy who was dressed as though he was out for a jog but couldn’t possibly be because he had his ipad and two cell phones with him. From my vantage point, I saw him beckon to Miss. Itsy Bitsy shorts and she flashed him a super bright smile. They got talking and just when I was about to crane my neck to see what would happen next, the traffic jam in front of us cleared and the shuttle zoomed off.

Over the ensuing weeks I have observed the same trend, ladies jogging in the sexiest apparels they can think of and while I agree that we live in the 21st Century, this is Nigeria and such sights will still give some people a jolt.

Am I closed-minded? not at all, I just found it interesting to note how jogging, a seemingly dull activity has been transformed into a social activity.

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