A Letter To The Abducted Chibok Girls…

Dear Girls,

How are you all holding up? Its been 224 days since you were snatched away from life as you all knew it, Away from family, friends and all that you held dear. Words cannot express how harrowing and depressing this situation has been for your family, for us all. I cannot begin to imagine how you feel, how scared and dejected you must be.

If you could read this, you will know that we are scared, terrorized and tortured by the thoughts of what has happened. It would be unfair to say we share your pain, because again, we cannot begin to imagine the pain you feel but we hurt too, we are worried sick and I personally feel so helpless.

There are so many questions I want to ask, some of them might seem silly but they weigh me down. Do you all have change of clothes, body lotions, sanitary towels? who makes your hair? do you have clean combs? are you keeping warm? all these thoughts and many more run through my mind and its all I can do not to break down and howl, but we have to be strong.

Don’t give up on us, we haven’t given up on you yet, we never will. Women are fighting hard for your return, risking it all and screaming out loud for you. Oby Ezekwesili, Hadiza Bala Usman and a lot of us in our own little spaces are praying fervently for your return. Hold each other up, do not let the darkness consume you, don’t let the burdens weigh you down, keep the hope alive, keep faith, all will be well.

If you could read this, you will know that we love you, we have not forgotten you and as hopeless as it might seem, you all will come out of this ordeal sunny side up by God’s special grace.

Your Sister,


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