Five Dusty Bouquets…

It’s is a well known myth that the girl that catches the bride’s bouquet at a wedding might become the next bride. I have seen some hilarious sights at weddings where single girls topple over themselves in their six inch heels hoping to catch the “sacred” bouquet for good luck. Some other brides are generous because instead of tossing the whole bouquet, they dismantle it and hand a flower to each girl.

So this morning I woke up and I decided to clean out my room,lo and behold I found my stash of bouquets which I had gathered over the years. It didn’t even occur to me that I still had them until now and I remember how I got them all!

The very first one almost landed in my plate of jollof rice, I wasn’t even in the line up to catch it and it came to me. I took it home and I stashed it. The second one my friend the bride called my name with the microphone and I grudgingly came out to join the bevy of eager single ladies, she aimed at me and again,i took it home and stashed it. The third one, was just handed to me, I was her maid of honor and after the wedding she just handed it over and said good luck, it promptly joined my growing collection. The last two were from generous brides who gave us all a piece of the bouquet.

So five dusty bouquets later and I don’t hear no wedding bells ringing!

Is this myth a lie???

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